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Headscratchers / Roary the Racing Car

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  • Why were their names changed in the US dub? Drifter became Dragga, Cici became Zizzy, FB became Trucksy, etc. Why was a name change necessary?
  • How old are the cars supposed to be? Roary and Cici clearly act like rebellious tweens/young teens, Drifter is undoubtedly young due to being high-tech, Tin Top is likely older than the aforementioned 3 yet frequently has accidents and is scared of a lot of things, and Maxi is likely the oldest yet acts like a typical school bully.
  • Who named the cars? Mr. Carbuerettor can't pronounce Tin Top's name correctly, so he didn't name him. Did Big Chris or Marsha name them? Did they name themselves?
    • The manuals for the cars have their names on them. The people who built them named them.
  • When Maxi had to use a tractor engine, what type of fuel did he use? Did he use race fuel as his brothers did, or did he use a different type of fuel?
  • In Hi-Tech Overload, Drifter was singing in the woods while he was broken down. Big Chris used his new machine to locate Drifter, claiming he could hear music, which means the instrumental track for Drifter's song was diegetic sound. But how was it being played if Drifter, the only machine in the woods, had broken down? And even then, why would Big Chris even need to use his new machine? Wouldn't he and the others just be able to hear Drifter singing, and just follow the source of the singing?
  • What purpose does Drifter's undercarriage lighting serve, apart from aesthetics, considering how distressed he gets when it doesn't work?
  • Why doesn't Drifter speak Japanese? This is unusual because:
    • Drifter strongly resembles a Nissan R34 Skyline
    • Maxi regularly cries "mamma mia", and Cici regularly calls Roary "chéri".
    • Drifter couldn't have forgotten how to speak Japanese as his computer system would have those memory files in digital storage.
  • Why was the series never dubbed in Japanese? It's a real shame, because it would be nice to hear how Drifter sounds in Japanese.

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