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Heartwarming / Princess Evangile

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One of the more heartwarming endings from the fandisc.

Princess Evangile

  • Despite their opposing ideals towards Vincennes' future, the White Lily and Red Rose societies prove to be True Companions each time any one of them gets into deep shit. And each time they unite for a common cause, it always pays off for both of them, even when their opposition lies within the school administration itself.
  • Even with his life on the line and his pockets empty, Masaya still has the kindness to feed a stray cat asking him for food. And the cat even returns the favor by saving his life from his pursuers, twice.
  • The Yakuza boss, despite having Ayaka abducted for ransom, refuses to actually be mean to and hurt her, unlike Kiyoshi. He even tries to comfort her by telling his and Kiyoshi's reasons for joining their criminal organization, as well as their sad backstories.


W Happiness

  • In general, Masaya and his love interest in the after-story routes defying Star-Crossed Lovers following his explusion from Vincennes due to losing the Grande Vote by explicitly making a vow to stay together no matter what challenge awaits them in the near future.
  • Tamie's route has a number of these.
    • Masaya refuses to take advantage of her Easy Amnesia situation, especially when she mistakes him for her boyfriend despite going on a trip together for a week.
    • The ending, as shown on the page image. Both him and Tamie sort-of realize that focus on their love life might affect his standing for the Grande Vote, due to him skipping White Lily society meetings and her focusing on their relationship in-between her news coverage, so they make a contingency plan where they plan to meet each other once a week for the entirety of their senior year, and then, once both of them graduate, move in together at his high-end apartment. Sure enough, both their hunches prove to be on the mark, but they both take it in stride, and decide to spend as much time together as they can. Talk about determination to stay together.
  • Ruriko's route has quite a few.
    • Ruriko's father, being the Reasonable Authority Figure he is, feels bad for Masaya after he is forced to leave Vincennes following the White Lily's loss in the Grande Vote. So what does he do to offer his condolences? Why, by offering him a new job as the family's butler, and by extension, Ruriko's personal bodyguard, just so he and Ruriko can still be together.
      • Immediately after that, there's Masaya and Ruriko pledging to one another about spending the entirety of summer vacation together as a couple.
  • Marika's route.
    • Even though the White Lily Society loses the Grande Vote, Rise decides to at least give Marika and Masaya an epic farewell, so she decides to plan for an informal rosary exchange for the couple on graduation day. The Red Rose Society and the rest of the White Lily girls even manage to get the other students to help plan for the event.
    • During the informal Tempes de Confession between Marika and Masaya, Marika's grandmother reappears. But she's not there to spite Masaya. In fact, it's the opposite. It's revealed that she's actually warmed up to Masaya offscreen, and even wishes him to watch over her granddaughter in her place from now on. In the epilogue, she's even mentioned to be enjoying Masaya's company whenever he visits her and her granddaughter at the Myougi residence.
  • Mitsuki's route.
    • Even though they're on opposing ideas regarding the gender integration issue, Mitsuki learns to differentiate her personal desires from her professional desires. Thus, she still comes to love Masaya despite ostensibly wanting him out of the school. When the White Lily lose the Grande Vote, Mitsuki knew ahead that this would cause her and Masaya to be separated temporarily, so she planned ahead and already made a plan where she would visit her boyfriend as much as she could.
  • Konomi's route.
    • Masaya not rushing Konomi into having sexual relations with him, and caring for her overall well-being when they do finally start dating, counts. Despite all the difficult stuff she puts him through, he takes all of it in stride, and with patience, teaches her on how love and relationships really work. Thanks to him, she undergoes positive Character Development, and with this she gradually matures over time.

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