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For a pretty underrated and lesser known title like Princess Evangile, it has a really excellent selection of equally underrated soundtracks that are heartwarming, sad, funny, frightening, and downright awesome-sounding.

Princess Evangile

  • Magic Of Courage (Opening), the introductory theme, is upbeat and optimistic with a dark foreboding, appropriate for how the story would play out much later. The full version is even more emotional.
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  • Dignified, Rise's leitmotif. An upbeat theme that reflects her cheerful demeanor and determination.
  • Childhood Friend, Chiho's leitmotif. A down-to-earth theme that reflects her status as being from the same middle class and outside world as Masaya.
  • Following the Blue Sky, an energetic theme appropriate for days set during summer vacation, which is exactly when this theme plays.
  • Insanity, a comedic fast-paced theme that usually plays when Hilarity Ensues, especially if it involves Konomi. In essence, it's Hilarity Ensues as a musical piece.
  • Turmoil, a tense and fast-paced theme that plays whenever the story's mood shifts from calm and/or comedic to dead serious. It's pretty much the leitmotif of the Yakuza goons as well, given how they tend to be knights of cerebus.
  • Courage, a loud rock theme which plays whenever the mood switches to an awesome moment, particularly if its a Big Damn Heroes moment involving Masaya. It's Moment of Awesome as a musical piece.
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  • To Tomorrow, which plays during the ending of each route. A heartwarming and overall emotional theme that appropriately conveys the feelings of many readers once they're at the end of their chose route.
  • The Cherry Blossom Was Waiting, the ending theme, is an overall emotionally sad piece that also conveys a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the line.

W Happiness

  • Bijou Bleu, Ruriko's leitmotif, is a calm, high-class sounding musical piece appropriate for someone of very high social status.
  • I Will Protect Onee-Sama!, Konomi's leitmotif, is an energetic and fast-paced theme suitable for the VN's representative Plucky Comic Relief.
  • Extra! Extra!, Tamie's leitmotif, is a cheerful, energetic, and upbeat theme for the school's resident Genki Girl.
  • Beautiful Moon, Mitsuki's leitmotif, is a calm and slow theme which matches her overall motif and title.
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  • Unrivaled Student Council President, Marika's leitmotif, a high-class theme that reflects her public image of gracefulness and good influence.
  • Future's Outset (Opening), the new introductory theme. Compared to the original VN's introductory theme, this one is more energetic and lighthearted, reflecting the generally Lighter and Softer theme present throughout. The full version is even more emotional.
  • Future's Outset (Arranged ver.), the new main menu theme. A remix of the opening, the theme gives off the mixed feelings of heartwarming and sadness, helping to hint at the bittersweet nature of the after-story routes.
  • Future's Outset (remix), a remixed version of the main menu theme that plays during the various after-story routes, especially during particularly emotional scenes. A calm theme that exudes both a heartwarming and sad feeling to it.

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