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Yes, she's getting flustered over reading a science textbook.

    Princess Evangile 
  • Konomi's reason for helping the Red Rose Society aside from her looking up to Ritsuko? Because of her belief that Masaya is a pervert. Which she bluntly says in front of his face.
  • By Chapter 7, Masaya gets tired of having to deal with Konomi's (lack of) knowledge of how pregnancy works. Ayaka, having witnessed Konomi's antics herself, decides to help him "teach" health class to her via private tutoring session. What does this involve? By making her read an erotic light novel out loud! And this all happened because she was already embarrassed from trying to read a textbook out loud. And funny enough, it works, to the point that she later reads both books back-to-back.
  • The ballroom dance. Oh boy, where to start? First, there's the girls showing Masaya their ballgowns. Masaya, being The One Guy he is, proceeds to stare at each and every one of the girls' chests. It eventually culminates with Tamie accidentally getting her finger stuck in Ruriko's cleavage.
    • Since Konomi ended up getting Masaya's name for the dance, he has to dance with her. So what does she wear for the occasion? Her Naginata uniform! Because, in her own words, it's so she "combat his sorcery", and that she pretty much interpreted this dance as a duel. Make that of what you will.
    • At the end of it all, Masaya ends up being The Chew Toy for pretty much every girl in the school, starting with Rise and Chiho having a Lover Tug-of-War for rights to dancing with him. He ends up drowsy the next day thanks to not getting any breathing space inbetween.
  • Anytime Masaya ends up in a situation that's Not What It Looks Like. It really doesn't help that a lot of the girls in Vincennes have no prior exposure to boys their age outside of their brothers, as well as the general belief that All Men Are Perverts. The end result is pretty much Pervert Revenge Mode taken Up to Eleven.
  • Ruriko. Specifically her innocence in anything regarding boys and men. Her inexperience is in fact so bad that she describes holding Masaya's hand as being "her first time", which Rise and Chiho take the wrong way and proceed to strangle him out of jealousy. She even mistakes his boxers for gym shorts!
  • Chapter 3: Masaya goes out with Chiho in order to prove to her the threat that the Yakuza pose. When they finally encounter the two goons after him, one of them pulls a gun out and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't hand over the money soon. Masaya, however, notices the cat that stole his winning lottery ticket, and becomes distracted to the point that he pursues the cat instead of taking the goon seriously. The goon then threatens to shoot him, but just before he can pull the trigger, Masaya hits him in his nether regions while trying to chase after the cat. All the while, Tamie, who had been hounding him and Chiho to the city, successfully manages to capture the entire moment with her camera. Talk about the perfect shot!
  • Despite the Yakuza goons being Knights of Cerebus, they are also shown to be Stupid Evil several times.
    • After Masaya rescues Ayaka from their clutches, the Boss believes that the girl they just kidnapped was taken away by the ghost haunting the old apartment they were using as a hideout.
    • Kiyoshi, the underling, is pretty much The Chew Toy who gets his ass handed to him by Masaya or one of the girls accompanying him. He gets slapped by Rise and Chiho, hit in the groin by accident by Masaya, and tripped by Ritsuko, all in the span of 6 chapters into the story.
  • By Chapter 8, realizing that there aren't enough supporters from the weekly survey for the end-of-the-term vote to get a majority win, Masaya and the other White Lily Association members try to find a way to bolster their support. The first attempt involved the girls writing what they thought Masaya liked, and ended up creating leaflets with a mishmash of random info, which ends up confusing the other students. The second attempt involved Tamie taking pictures of Masaya half-naked and uploading the images to the White Lilly's intranet page, which results in one girl fainting. Naturally, both are Epic Fails.
  • Whenever Chiho and Rise get jealous of other girls going after Masaya, it's hilarious. It usually ends up with both of them grabbing Masaya tightly, or strangling him. At one point, they even have a long and drawn-out Lover Tug-of-War over him just to get the right to dance with him first during the May festival!
  • Early in Rise's and Chiho's routes, Tamie loudly exclaims to Masaya that he should have let loose on the beach during summer vacation, complete with looking for bikini-clad women to flirt with. Come Tamie's own route in W Happiness, he does exactly that, with Tamie herself being in a bikini!
  • In Rise's route, Tamie mistakes Rise giving Masaya a shoulder massage as her giving him a handjob! It gets even funnier when there's a sudden Art Shift depicting them as Super-Deformed in Tamie's daydream.

    W Happiness 
  • The sound effect used to describe Masaya's ejaculation whenever he's making love with someone? Pew pew pew!. No, really. That's how he tells it himself.
  • Some of the new sprites for all 9 girls in the uncensored version include nude versions of themselves. Notable is Tamie's sprite, which still includes her wearing her hat. Also ironic, considering her first H-scene in her route has her head bare.
  • Mitsuki's route has a few. After they've started dating, she can't do a good job of hiding their Secret Relationship to the White Lily Society members when they accidentally encounter one another at the Summer Festival. Specifically, Chiho, Rise, Ayaka, and Ruriko catch both of them holding their hands in public. Unsurprisingly, this forces both of them to come clean. And she, not Masaya, was the one who wanted to keep the whole thing secret in the first place.
    • The day after they've had Their First Time, she walks up to Masaya casually and proceeds to hold his hand in public, completely forgetting that their relationship is supposed to be secret. She realizes this a second too late, and bolts out there as quickly as she arrived.
    • In Chapter 1 of her route, after Ruriko shows that she can perform Crocodile Tears to get people to listen to her, Rise claims she can do the same. She ends up looking really angry instead. Chiho tries it as well, and ends up looking vicious. And they keep making weird noises in front of Masaya even after Mitsuki leaves.
    • When Masaya explains to Mitsuki that she's gorgeous at one point , she flips out, her face covered in red. Ayaka mistakes this for anger.
      • It gets better. She keeps making this expression just about every other time she's with Masaya.
    • At one point, the White Lily girls and Masaya decide to "quietly" check on Mitsuki with regards to her strange behavior. How do they observe her? By standing together so closely that their busts are touching the other's back. Rise asks Ayaka to stop purposefully squeezing her because it's getting hard to breathe, which Ayaka retorts by saying she wasn't doing it on purpose. Ruriko then interjects and says that she is doing it on purpose to Chiho, and even compliments Rise's bust size, too! They keep doing this in-between each recess break, and eventually, Mitsuki notices the whole shenanigan.
  • In Tamie's route, after she gets Easy Amnesia, she starts referring to Masaya as her boyfriend in front of everyone in Vincennes. Naturally, the other girls, namely Chiho, Rise, and even Mitsuki, react awkwardly each time she brings it up to them.
    • Tamie's Toplessness from the Back situation midway into Chapter 1, which is drawn in the Super-Deformed art style, is pretty darn hilarious, especially when Masaya and Tamie keep apologizing to one another so much that they forget what they were even apologizing about!
    • Later, she states the reasons on why Rise, Ayaka, and Ruriko are having such a difficult time climbing up Mt. Amuro: their large boobs. And she says all of this while maintaining a straight and enthusiastic face.
    • In the final chapter of her route, after they hook up for real, Masaya makes a request to Tamie in front of the White Lily and Red Rose Society girls, but would rather tell her in private. Naturally, they, including Tamie herself, assume that the request in question is a sexual favor. Except Konomi, who is left bewildered as to why everyone else is in a state of thought. Turns out the request was simply asking her to cook curry again after he enjoyed her first batch from the summer camp.
  • Marika's route has both Masaya and Marika asking Mitsuki for romantic advice regarding the other at different points. Both times, when both of them bring up the word "date" to her, Mitsuki reacts by screaming in surprised disbelief, and in the latter's case, causes her face to go completely red.
    • Later, she decides to "make her move" on Masaya. What does this involve? By going to his room and blatantly asking him what she would like her to do for him. He ends up giving half-hearted and half-serious suggestions, which he never expected someone like her would do, including her serving him a full set meal in his room. What happens? She ends up fulfilling every request for him, among which includes washing his back in the shower!
  • The first chapter of Ruriko's route has a film appearing on cable TV called Commando vs Terminator. No, really.
  • Compared to the other routes, Konomi's undoubtedly has most laughs, mostly because of her lack of knowledge of how love and sex works. Every other moment that Masaya spends with her are arguably Funny Moments, one way or the other.
    • During the summer festival, one of the things she does during her first date with Masaya there is to freak out the same way she did when he first stared into her eyes, which is to say, loudly exclaiming that she doesn't want to have children and then running away and causing a ruckus. Naturally, the people at the shrine are given the wrong impression.
    • It takes her 3 months to figure out the difference between romantic love and friendship. And it took both Masaya and Ritsuko explaining to her multiple times just for her to realize this.
    • During one of her many love epiphanies, she asks Ritsuko for love advice. At one point, she mistakenly concludes that Ritsuko wanted to bed Masaya at some point, to which her Onee-sama's face all but screams "WTF!!?".
    • When she and Masaya finally have Their First Time, she brings up Ayaka's erotic Light Novel as her "source" for knowledge about sex. Naturally, she begins to believe things like men being able to grow two phalluses. Yeah.
    • The day after that, she just flatly admits to all the White Lily and Red Rose members that she and Masaya had Their First Time the previous night, that she used Ayaka's erotic light novel as her source of knowledge about sex, and Masaya's size down there. I kid you not, she said all of this.
      • It turns out later that she even admitted the first one to her parents on the phone! She even mentions how her mother was silent on the line for three minutes.
    • Her epilogue has her threaten Masaya after he's Mistaken for Cheating when several of the family dojo's students approach him and wonder who the girl he's hanging out is. This is complete with a sudden shift from heartwarming music to hilarious music in a second, complete with Konomi's face becoming a comedic Death Glare and a flaming background.

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