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  • Darren saving the little girl he'd literally only just met. Bonus points go out to Kurt who generally comes across as snarky, if helpful, but completely goes into overdrive to help her when Darren shows up.
  • At this point, pretty much the entirety of Storm and Drive are trying to help Hector, in spite of who he was before. Even if he has no other allies for the rest of his time in the Castle, he has them.
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  • Anjali and Eliziya finally have a much needed talk in the Civil War which is equal parts adorable and heart breaking. Especially in hindsight.
  • “You went to a dangerous area, in a dangerous time when associating with a guild is tantamount to murder... for a friend.” - Yes, Anjali, Mirae did exactly that.
  • Anjali and Hector explain to a fairyghost why they want to keep fighting despite their suffering rather than just end their own lives to end it for themselves.
  • Anji and Julius's steadily growing relationship, starting with Julius's willingness to leave Storm and Drive if it means she feels she can talk to him and continuing for... pretty much their entire relationship when they're not irritating each other.
    He felt pain again, but Anji was alive. The ground was packed down by the fight, but it was just dirt, and that wouldn’t hold his sword for long. He pushed up. Anji was alive. He could still do something. Anything.
    • If there was any doubt whatsoever that these two love each other, it's the fact that Julius is willing to seal her in stone rather than let her die. And that he spends the whole time reassuring her that she's just taking a nap.
  • Nova's interactions with Kevin and Ben: she clearly sees the latter as like a sister now, which is especially odd given that Ben is The Stoic who wouldn't know what to do with such things.
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  • The end of Ben's otherwise heart breaking underground quest, wherein she meets a future version of herself with her young son.
  • Tamar was willing to take on the personification of the magic of one of the most powerful magical entities in all of FC, and win... For Eliziya. Luckily she reciprocates.

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