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  • When confronted face-to-face with the massive Behemoth that had earlier chased and nearly killed him Marcus pauses for a moment and says "Your mother was a gecko." before leading it into a trap
  • The only way to defeat Ninjas.
    Tamar: They say you don’t see them until you’re already dead.
    Hector: Yeah, that’s why I fought them with my eyes closed. It wasn’t fun.
  • Giselle and Seire's exchange in their quest to take over a warehouse and Seire Comically Missing the Point.
    Giselle: So you were planning on, what, waltzing in and taking everything that isn’t tied down?
    Seire: Why would I leave the stuff that’s tied down? I have scissors. Beat ...Okay, I don’t have scissors. But I can steal some scissors.”
    • From the same chapter:
      Giselle: Nothing's on the table. Or under it or near it, for that matter. Let's all just ignore the table, okay? I think that would be for the best.
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  • Darren and Mirae give the Goblins explosives. The predictable result occurs. Several weeks later, certain people in town are still bitter about the whole thing, too.
  • Julius and Anji just woke up in bed next to each other, courtesy of Eliziya and Marcus's response to their awkward stammering.
    Marcus: Dammit Captain if you want to ask her out: Do it after we get away.
  • Marcus and Likovya save Marcus' former employer Elric from the mobs resulting in the following exchange.
    Marcus: Hey, boss, how you doing?”
    Elric: I was fine until I hired you.
  • Never mind the fact that after the above mission, Likovya has the naked gall to go and ask for her knife back from the guy she stabbed it into.
  • Eliziya has dinner with her "parents", much to Luca's discomfort. It ends with the Heimlich manoeuvre.
  • Curtiss and Likovya's quest in the Underground is especially entertaining.

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