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  • Seire and Giselle steal a warehouse, its contents, and its owners all in one fell swoop. Yes.
  • Kurt, Ben and Hector defeat an army of ghosts in the underground by getting Kurt to bless an entire waterfall, turning it into holy water.
    • Prior to that, Ben defeating the curse inside her own mind after being lost in the Underground for two days straight.
  • Hector wielding a Kobold as a blunt weapon. And using it effectively!
  • Tamar defeats an enraged wild bear by climbing a stalactite and stabbing it through the head with a broken sword hilt.
  • The guys dragging Hector out of the middle of a huge riot were pretty impressive, too.
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  • Pan and Marcus blow up a lake in order to put out the forest fire threatening Pan's home.
  • Likovya loses her knife in the guy she stabbed it in... and has the gall to go and ask for it back.
  • Okay so what Anjali did to Kravos was pretty nuts but you can't deny it was spectacular after all the pain they'd just been put through.
  • Hector versus Luca and Tamar versus Asha, anyone?
  • After the events of the above battle, Eliziya has somehow accidentally absorbed most of Asha's magic that she didn't give to Tamar...the problem is there is far too much of it, and it's threatening to kill her. Rather than crumple under the sudden pressure? Eliziya creates a magical channelling device to help her manage it and uses the power to burn her way out of the Underground.
  • During the restructuring of the floors, Lori essentially runs a massive ritual to protect the first floor from the earthquakes by herself, for the full 24 hours that it was happening.

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