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Tear Jerker / Floating Castle

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  • How Anjali defeats her Shadow Self is kind of depressing because it's clear that she believes everything it said about her.
  • Hector finally explains exactly where Ivory came from, and the story of the last person he ever killed.
  • The story of what happened to Ben's brother before she arrived at the castle.
  • Jenny's entire reaction to the civil war. And who can blame her, given the formerly accepting townsfolk having such a violent anti-guild reaction these days thanks to Luca. It's a stunningly painful example of how mob mentality can turn even perfectly reasonable people into monsters, and how this applies in real life as much as in any story.
    Jenny: I know these people! I mean, not well, not know know them, but I’ve seen them around, they’ve seen me, they’ve smiled at me! And... they all seemed so focused on making sure I was dead! I don’t even know what I’ve done!
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  • This entire chapter. For just about everyone in it.
    Ben: Hector Erastus, I am hereby relieving you of your command of the guild the Severed Claws, on grounds of being totally inappropriate to lead it.
  • Shadow!Anji's Survival Mantra after Anji defeats her gives you a serious case of Alas, Poor Villain.
    “I am someone… I am someone…” (No. You are NOT.)
  • The end of Anji's and Julius' fight with Soren Kavros.
    • And then even when they heal her we're treated to an Anjali who no longer remembers anyone she used to know, including Julius.
  • Okay, so they're little psychopaths, but it's easy to feel kind of sorry for Comedy and Tragedy after the latter gets injured by Tamar and Comedy is utterly convinced he's going to die.
  • Hector's lack of cerebral intelligence is usually Played for Laughs. Except when Tamar, who has just learned that Anjali and Julius are apparently dead, asks him whether he knew about the whole thing being reported on the town notice board days ago. Turns out Hector did see the notice board and ergo potentially could have warned Tamar before Luca dropped it on him mid battle. Except he couldn't read it.
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  • "It's okay." Except it really isn't.
  • In the wake of the above battle, Eliziya offers herself up as Asha's new body when Asha's magic fails after healing Luca. Luca takes her up on it. To say that Asha is displeased would be putting it mildly and it's obvious she really liked the kid and did not want this deal to go down.
  • The end of Nova and Ben's quest wherein Nova utterly massacres Kravos and both are left nervous wrecks by the whole incident.
  • Weirdly enough, both Luca and Asha's deaths are utterly depressing, although Asha's is somewhat lessened by the fact she died with dignity and acceptance.

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