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  • At the 2016 SummerSlam, Balor's parents were in the front row to watch their son win the WWE Universal Championship. After the match, Finn went over and gave his mom a kiss and his dad a hug.
  • Balor and Bayley's friendship in NXT has to be one of the most genuinely Adorkable and heartwarming things.
    • First, when Balor was down with a knee injury, Bayley came out in a Balor Club jacket and did the full-on entrance, complete with the arms-to-the-sky pose, turnbuckle-climbing, and too-sweeting the audience. Finn's face just makes it, bouncing around, falling over and kicking in glee.
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    • Finn repaid the favor a few months later, running around in a headband and arm-streamers and jumping around like a maniac to Bayley's theme.
    • They continue the love during the "NXT Curtain Call" where Bayley leads the crowd and the rest of the NXT roster in farewell for Finn, Mojo Rawley, Nia Jax, and Carmella. You can tell Finn is incredibly touched by the gesture, and even gets on the mic to thank NXT trainer Matt "Albert/Tensai" Bloom for his dedication to the wrestlers.
    • Baylor Club are back at it again. Finn has been pleading to team with Bayley in the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge. He didn't get his wish in the first year, but the second tournament has "Team B&B" looking to be dark horse favorites to win the entire thing.
    • Very few men were seen at the all-women Evolution show. One of them was Finn... in the crowd, holding a "Hugger Section" sign, cheering for his MMC partner Bayley (and former partner Sasha).
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  • Showing up to help NXT wish Shinsuke Nakamura farewell in his last performance.
  • Balor's WWE 24 special has its share of heartwarming moments. Highlights include:
    • True Companions Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Adrian Neville helping him out in the aftermath of his SummerSlam injury.
    • His unlikely friendship with Seth Rollins, the same man he feuded with (and defeated) in the match where he won the Universal Championship and got injured.
    • His triumphant return to in-ring action, from the perspective of both his fellow wrestlers and his fans.
  • His pro-LGBTQ Wrestlemania 34. Finn came out in black gear with rainbow accents, and sporting a rainbow Balor Club logo on the back of his jacket. His typical graphics were augmented with the words "Balor for Everyone", and flashed rainbow during his entrance theme's Scare Chords. Became a Heartwarming Moment when he was joined on the ramp by a crowd of LGBTQ fans in rainbow Balor Club t-shirts.


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