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  • Episode 5
    • After Yuzu takes Mei to the nurse's office, she tells her to apologize to Himeko for trying to rebuff Himeko's offer to help her. As much as Yuzu and Himeko are at odds over Mei, Yuzu does recognize and appreciate how much Mei means to Himeko.
    • Mei and Himeko's mostly silent reconciliation- Mei bows in apology, as requested above, and Himeko throws her arms around Mei and calls her "Mei-Mei".
  • Chapter 8/Episode 6
    • Yuzu helps Mei reconcile with her father. The two love each other, even though both were having a hard time communicating with one another, so it's heartwarming that Yuzu succeeded.
    • After seeing their father off, Mei and Yuzu go home and open the letters he had been sending Mei for five years, Yuzu is so happy and relieved that the two are on good terms that she starts crying. This in turn causes Mei to kiss her. The kiss is the first time Mei does it on her own and out of love, not emotional distress. This is also the turning point for when Mei actually starts to fall in love with Yuzu as well and not just use her as an emotional crutch.
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    • Harumi's friendship is especially highlighted in this chapter/episode. She bikes Yuzu to the school to get Mei while it's raining and then lets her borrow her bike afterwards. At this point, she's only known Yuzu for at most a couple months now, but Harumi is without a doubt the best kind of friend anyone can ask for.
  • Even after being blackmailed by Matsuri, Mei insists that Yuzu spend Christmas with Matsuri, because Matsuri's the one who needs Yuzu most. After realizing what Matsuri did, Yuzu then demands that Matsuri apologize to Mei, saying that the fact that Mei said that to her was proof of how kind Mei was to Matsuri.
  • Chapter 24:
    • Yuzu spends the majority of the chapter depressed as she realizes that her love can't be acknowledged by society. In an interesting role reversal, this time it's a Not So Stoic Mei who has to reach out to Yuzu. It ends with Yuzu hugging her, declaring to Mei that she will be by her side forever.
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    • Before the chapter ends, Yuzu shows Mei the rings she bought. Mei accepts the gift and asks her to put it on. Afterwards, Mei is seen crying but she doesn't know why.
  • Chapter 36
    • While the chapter is generally heart wrenching, it makes it clear that even though Mei will continue through with the arranged marriage, she is deeply grateful for everything that Yuzu had done for her.
    • It's very subtle, but it's clear that Yuzu's friends are feeling bad and concerned for Yuzu after Mei left and seem like they're trying to make life as normal as they can for her.
  • Chapter 38
    • While still saddening, Yuzu finally admits the truth about her and Mei only to then be comforted by Sara and Nina who cry along with her.
  • Chapter 39:
    • A majority of Chapter 39 is this. After all of the heartbreak, things are seemingly falling into place for Yuzu. She confesses to her mother, stepfather, and best friend that she is deeply in love with Mei. And the best part about it? They completely accept the confession as if it were nothing. Just goes to show how much all three characters care for Yuzu's wellbeing.
  • Chapter 41:
    • After everything, Yuzu confesses all her feelings to Mei, breaking through her shell. And Mei fully reciprocates, breaks her engagement, with all their friends and family supporting them. The final scene? Is Yuzu and Mei's wedding, with both looking happier than they've ever been.

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