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Tear Jerker / Citrus

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A citrus is both sweet and sour, and the majority of what you've read so far ...sour.

  • Mei's life. She was abandoned by her father when she was only about 11-years-old, was forced to take on the responsibilities her father left behind, was put into an Arranged Marriage with a Gold Digger scumbag, became student council president in only her first year (thus adding more stress and work), had to uphold a certain persona and meet high expectations in order to be seen as a worthy heir to the academy, and lived alone for five years. It's also implied that she doesn't have friends—save for Himeko—because everyone only views her as a status symbol or as some untouchable idol. It's no wonder she's a Broken Bird when the story begins.
    • And even as the story goes on, she continues to get hit with a lot of misfortune. She learns that her efforts to keep Aihara Academy running while her father was away were All for Nothing when she learns that her father has no intention of returning. Thankfully, she does recover from that with the help of Yuzu.
  • Mei's impending Arranged Marriage. She's in love with Yuzu, but knows that she will eventually have to break it off with her. It finally spills over when Yuzu comments on wearing matching wedding gowns during their wedding and Mei has to hide somewhere to cry.
  • As much of a Jerkass she is, Matsuri doesn't really have a nice life, if you think about it. Her parents are constantly busy with work, so she's often home alone. It's no wonder why she is so clingy towards Yuzu, who was probably the first person to have ever sought her out. Her gadfly tendencies are also implied to be ways to draw attention. Doesn't excuse her actions, of course, but it does put into perspective as to how lonely she really is.
    • The fact that whenever people argue around her Matsuri puts on her headphones indicates that when her parent are home, it's anything but a happy time.
  • In Chapter 33, Matsuri is furious to hear that Mei knew all along that she'd have to break up with Yuzu because of her second Arranged Marriage, but never told Yuzu even after all Matsuri's efforts to support their relationship. As much of a manipulative jerk as Matsuri can be, she does care about Yuzu, and it's quite depressing to see her selfless support of Mei and Yuzu seemingly be All for Nothing.
  • CHAPTER 36: All of it from beginning to end, but especially the end.
    • To explain: the chapter takes place approximately 6 months to a year after the events of 35. In it, Mei had left home and requested that Yuzu not be made aware of her arranged marriage. Before leaving, she leaves a note for Yuzu thanking her for making her realize that she could make her own path and that while they may be apart from now on, she would always cherish their time as sisters.
  • From the looks of Chapter 38, Yuzu is putting on a façade of happiness in front of her friends and mother even though she is still clearly saddened by Mei leaving.

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