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Nightmare Fuel / Citrus

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Will you be the one who needs me?

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  • Really, anytime when Mei becomes overly emotionally distressed, she would proceed to try to make sexual advances on Yuzu. While this is mostly because she is inept when it comes to processing her feelings towards her stepsister, Mei is often depicted as being shrouded by darkness.
    • The worst case of this is in episode 2 of the anime where when Yuzu tries to extract some insight into how Mei truly felt about moving in with her grandfather, Mei lashes out at her, and pushes her onto the bed. She then proceeds to tear upon her blouse.
    • In episode 6, after Mei learns that her father has no intent on returning to the academy, in her depression, she forces herself onto Yuzu. The expression that she makes before Yuzu slaps her is especially sinister.
    • Mei's overall behavior is just downright disconcerting, especially when you take into account that she's only 16. The fact that she's so quick to use sex as a way to deal with her stressful emotions, as well as using forced kisses to shut someone up.
  • So, in short, the sexual advances, attempted molestation, and possessiveness some characters show are really unnerving and sometimes even disturbing.

  • Momokino making advances on Mei in "love me do!" can be this given the unexpectedness of it. It begins with Momokino gently rubbing her fingers through Mei's hair, and then nibbling her on the ear, and attempting to kiss her. While her motivation behind doing this in clear (her being a childhood friend of Mei's and that she vowed to protect her when her father left), it also paints Momokino as being extremely possessive and willing to lie to Yuzu all so she could have Mei to herself.
  • Matsuri Mizusawa herself defines Troubling Unchildlike Behavior. For starters, she cons older men out of their money by posing as a camgirl. While it is made clear that she was actually sending them links to videos she had found over the internet, it is still slightly unsettling that Matsuri would partake in online pornography. Matsuri paints herself as being a seemingly cute girl, but in truth, she is actually manipulative. When she realizes that Mei is Yuzu's younger sister (by law), Matsuri attempts to form a wedge between the two girls by arranging for Mei to go on a date with one of her "internet friends." She then goes on a long, hate-fueled rant about Mei by trying to convince Yuzu that Mei isn't as good as she may seem.
  • After getting expelled in episode 2, Yuzu returns to the school to talk her expulsion over with the chairman only to find him sprawled on the floor, having some sort of accident. The scene is frantic and reflects on many people's fears of their parents or grandparents having a violent accident and being helpless when seeing it play out.

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