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  • Already mentioned in the funny page, but Amanda's outright confession of love towards the Brainscratch Crew warmed quite a few hearts.
  • This video where they apologize if they have offended anybody.
  • Some of the stuff that fans make for the Brain Scratch Crew is just amazing. From sprite videos, to fanmade intro videos, to animated versions of the Comms, to counters on how many times Lewis references Naruto.
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  • Ted and Nathan standing up for Amanda after Donkey Kong Country 3's first part... a commentary she's NOT EVEN IN... really did create the feeling of a family bond in the group.
  • When it's clear the jokes of him getting lost in front of Dungeon 3 in the original Zelda are bothering Ted, both Ryan and Johnny quickly say they are just joking around with him.
  • Throughout Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Ryan gets increasingly frustrated at Kirby's constant deaths and the camera's focus on Kirby over the other three players, to the point that he constantly lashes out at Ted and starts blaming him for all the group's problems. However in Part 14, he leaves a comment explaining to everyone that he was more angry at the game's poor multiplayer design than Ted himself, and also reveals that he apologized to Ted after they finished the playthrough.
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  • Andrew's back in Touhouvania 2 so it was inevitable that some trolls would bash him with once again...A lot of users stand up for him; one comment in particular stands out.
    Pokeking45: Jesus, are we REALLY going to do this again? People complained about him in the first Touhouvania playthrough already. Can we go through ONE video without someone like the likes of you complaining about him stuttering, which mind you is a deficiency he has? He did leave a comment on the previous playthrough that he could take anything you guys said about him, but it still sickens me how you people still complain about him.
  • During the E3 predictions 2013 video, Johnny admits that he loves the group. Granted, he immediately says that he wouldn't trust them with his passwords, but, still.
  • Amanda's mention of her hurting a hamster prompts the the group to give her an over the internet hug. This may also count as a tear jerker because you could hear her pain and regret in her voice.
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  • At the end of the Leaf Green play through, Ted and Ryan state that while they like it, they prefer Gens 2 and 5. When Amanda hesitantly admits that she prefers Platinum as well, afraid of getting run over by Ted's dislike of Gen 4, Johnny tells her to fuck what Ted thinks and just say what she likes. Given that Johnny doesn't have a high opinion of Gen 4, it's admirable to hear him at least not berate people who do like it like Ted.
  • While the guys are reading the final issue of Nintendo Power, they start making up calls for the various other commentators. Eventually, they begin harping on Elliot, only for Johnny to tell them to lay off the kid.
  • Ted and Amanda's fury towards PETA for making a horrible parody of Pokemon shows how much they love the franchise.
  • While Ted does snark somewhat on the movie of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, he spends much of it squeezing about how well-made it was and how the people who did the costumes and music cared enough to be accurate from the start. At several points, including the video's comments, he said that he believed it was the best video game movie he'd ever seen.
  • The fact that a fan went out of his way to record a whole playthrough of Link: The Faces of Evil for the fifth anniversary.
  • During the Smash Direct Impressions, after the guys bringing up the penny joke, Amanda starts to cry because she remembers when she tried to use that joke in Shadow The Hedgehog, and again when Johnny is about to end the video and she felt like she hadn't gotten a chance to say her opinions on the Direct, due to having to deal with some personal issues off-screen. If you would have seen the chat get flooded with 1,500 people trying to console Amanda, you would have started to cry too.
  • YMMV on this one, but when the guys start dying more and more in the later worlds of Super Mario 3D world, Ryan chooses to blame the game itself instead of his friends' own incompetence. Especially Lewis.
  • Johnny, Ted, and Ryan (co-commentary only for Ryan) have offered their services for the Hellfire Commentaries' Sonic-a-Thon, an all-Sonic game marathon raising money for Child's Play.
    • They have done so again one year later for HFC's Nintendothon, this time raising money for mental illness patients.
  • During the Wiley Wars play through of Mega Man 2, Johnny had to use an E-Tank on the first couple of bosses. Ryan and Ted gave him shit about it, but Lewis came to his defense.
  • And on that topic, its very heartwarming that the guys reminisce about returning to the first 3 Mega Man games.
  • Lewis bought Sonic Boom out of guilt of the fact that he wasn't able to really contribute to several of the past Sonic Commentaries. Granted, he contributed more then he thought he would, but it's heartwarming to see him go out of his way to get the game for the commentary they would do.
  • The guys commending Donnie, their resident butt monkey and "twitch bitch", for his skill at playing Sonic Spinball.
  • During the hiatus of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Xenoblade Chronicles, he had started having a major breakdown. Johnny quickly stepped up and tried to console him.
    Johnny: You're gonna do great, dude. Let no person say that you aren't someone dedicated to his subscribers. Rock on.
  • In the midst of Ted getting tremendous flak for his Super Mystery Dungeon review on GameXplain simply due to the belief that as someone who wasn't a fan of the series he shouldn't be reviewing it, Lewis took to Twitter to call out everyone who was bashing him (as well as Amanda's infamous hatedom) and stand up for his fellow members in a rare outburst of anger, proclaiming that he will not stand for anyone attacking them on a personal level and demanded that they all grow up and frame their criticism and opinions like adults.
    Lewis: If you're going to say you're not a fan of a given BSC member, that's fine. If you're going to raise complaints, that's fine. If you say disrespectful things about my friends, you should know that the only thing stopping me from breaking your nose is distance.
    • The rest of the members echoed similar opinions, with Ryan saying he agreed with Lewis and Johnny calling the complainers "childish".
  • Albeit halfhearted, Johnny had in their Crash 3 commentary, forgiven his brother Elliot of the countless mishaps involving the double jump
  • Gareth was in the first few parts of Wind Waker but then had to leave. The reason? His child was born. All the crew congratulate him on this and wish him the best of luck raising the kid.
  • In Part 7 of the God of War commentary, Lewis states that Devil May Cry 2 will always have a special place in his heart but not because it is a good game. Because it is at least partially responsible for introducing Lewis to his girlfriend.
  • At the end of part 1 of the Spongebob playthrough, there is a dedication to Stephen Hillenburg, Spongebob's creator, who had pass away one week prior.
  • In Part 1 of the Twilight Princess commentary, Ted notes how he had been very reluctant to even play the original Zelda, but since then has mellowed out and grown to enjoy the franchise more, even stating that Twilight Princess had become his favorite Zelda game.

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