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Lewis Is Ted From The Future
Lewis learned how to travel through time, so he went to visit the past. However, somehow Lewis's method of time traveling, whatever it may be, is no longer working; so he is stuck in this time period. He changed his name and moved to a different state in the USA, hoping he would avoid running into his past self. Obviously, that has failed, but luckily for him the universe didn't implode on its self... yet.
  • Well technically, the whole of time and space should be alright as long as they don't make physical contact with each other.
  • And upon reading this(See theory below), Lewis' first response will be, "Dammit! And I've hid the clues so well!"

Johnny Secretly Loves Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
He recorded about a third of the footage for BSC; he reviewed the game not once, not twice, but three times; he did a let's play on his own channel, showing off not only the main game, but multiplayer and DLC as well. Is there any doubt that he loves this game to death?
  • Yes there is. He's played it more times than anybody has to and most of them are for obligation. God knows how many videos were getting plagued for a Sonic '06 review or a Sonic '06 let's play. He's come to love Sonic's sections because they're the least offensive (Shadow and Silver's playthroughs are remarkably similar and he hates them too), but that's only because he's played them more times than he or anybody else should have to.
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  • Yeah' I'd say he's just faking disliking it. He even chose to play it as a test recording, with numerous other games to choose from. His reason was "I dunno, just felt like picking this game to test it out". It's kind of becoming obvious.
  • Hilariously enough, Ted thinks that he's not joking when he says he loves Sonic 06 with sarcasm in his voice. Johnny replied, "I might, but you'll never know."

Ted secretly loves The Legend of Zelda, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and the Mother series
He seems to bring up these games quite a bit even though he can just ignore the Fan Dumb that triggers it. Could he be keeping a secret?

Nayrman "Feeds" Off The Other Commentators
He may claim he needs the others because he's bland, but I know the real truth; he feeds off their life force! Just by hearing them speak, Nayrman constantly steals their energy, making himself stronger. God only knows what will happen when he gains enough energy...
  • Actually, their life forces are sustained by the "Hoenn fanboys" disappointed that there were no Gen 3 remakes.
  • So what does that mean now that the remakes were released?

Matt Hates His Childhood
Anything deemed "childish", he automatically hates. When ever he had a bad childhood, or just wants to distance himself from it, he wants to prove he's "manly". When he comes across things, such as Winnie-the-Pooh, he dies a little inside...perhaps literally.
  • Zig-Zagged. Matthew does enjoy some things and games from his childhood, but he doesn't have the intent of carrying it with him throughout his entire life. It's not like Regular Show or good writing that can be enjoyed by all ages (such as a Toy Story movie), but things or elements that are blatantly "kiddy" such as Winnie the Pooh or My Little Pony (he did state that he finds no appeal to it because he's not the target audience). If anything; his mentality is more like "putting one phase of your life away to move onto the next one".

The upcoming Trauma Team Commentary will be cancelled
  • It's 65 parts long game of a series that only Ted as played, boredom will indeed ensue.
    • Ted said that the Ace Attorney playthrough is canceled and one of the reasons stated was that "he's already stretching it thin with Trauma Team", so... Jossed?
    • Jossed, if the last part of the Metroid Prime commentary is anything to go by. The BS Crew decided not to cancel it a la Devil May Cry 4.
    • Confirmed, at the end of Trauma Center: Second Opinion (which essentially replaced it, being a much shorter game in the series).
    • Alternatively...

The upcoming Trauma Team Commentary will be exactly like both F-Zero GX And Portal 2 Co-Op combined.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Averted entirely, they outright said the game was canceled at the end of Second Opinion.

Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone, but after awhile, you just want to punch a few of the immature fuckwads in the face. With the constant bitching about Ted not liking the Zelda or Mother series or especially with Amanda involving... Anything, really; you wish they'd shut up. If you don't enjoy a commentary, because of a certain commentator, then don't watch it, and keep your pointless comments to yourself.
  • On part 3 of Luigi's Mansion there is someone complaining about Ted banning someone who was an obvious troll; saying that he wasn't following BSC's "if you don't particularly like it, we don't particularly care" motto. Nevermind that comment refers more to people not liking their commentary as opposed to someone outright insulting people. Chances are, if it was Johnny or Ryan banning the person, nobody would care.
  • Taken to ludicrous extremes by one person who didn't like Paranoia Sonik on the DKC3 commentary, despite him being one of the best they've had.

There will be a contest to award a Mii in a Tomodachi Life playthrough
Effectively, somewhere along the lines, BSC will hold a contest out (Probably some sort of guessing game, maybe an art contest of some sort)That will award 10 to 15 winners the honor of having one of their Miis in an potential Tomodachi Life playthrough.

One of the Biffalos will be an Oshawott
Exactly What It Says on the Tin

They will commentate with Bill Clinton For no adequately explained reason.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • The game shall be Custer's Revenge.
  • They will also channel the ghosts of Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. The later will proceed to record the entire Call of Duty series and Bubsy 3D, and then become the permanent 5th member.

The guys will play Super Mario 3D World and Sonic Boom when they meet up at a convention, Ala Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Here is who the members will play as...

  • Ryan - Mario, Sonic
  • Johnny - Luigi, Knuckles
  • Ted - Toad, Tails
  • Lewis - Peach, Amy

Ted will do a Nuzlocke for Pokemon Black and White
Not only would it be interesting, but it'd be nice to see who would be named what.
Johnny: You made me a rat, then a bug, now you've turned me into a Fucking Trashbag!?

This must happen.

The Curse of Sonic '06 has finally struck Ryan as of the (attempted) Prince Of Persia playthrough.
After the curse attacked Solaris, Clement and Johnny, it went on a very extended hiatus before finally returning to strike Ryan in a different way when he had decided to play Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time.

This is why we got the Prince of Dead Ends video. All thanks to the Curse, not that it wasn't expected.

There will be a Minecraft playthrough...

.. Of an adventure map.

People will be making random guesses, just so that they may hear The BrainScratch Commentaries Crew read through them in their annual TV Tropes reading
I Already know that I've posted a few here for that reason. Only time will tell if they actually do that.

There will be a fanmade sequel to Sonic 3 CD & Knuckles & Knuckles
It will involve Manic depressed Luigi going throughout the mushroom kingdom to get back a pornographic video of him and Daisy that was spread across by Annoying Prick Waluigi. Tails, Samus, the ghost of Sterence, and Biffalo XII will all be supporting characters.

... No, I'm not saying this because I want this to be read out, I legitamently think this will happen.

They will not do a TV Tropes reading ever again
It's now 2017 and the BrainScratch Commentaries crew has still not done a new TV Tropes reading

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