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  • Blake drunkedly asking Kaiser to be the best man at his wedding during one of the Cards Against Humanity playthroughs, despite the fact that he hadn't even proposed to Katie yet.
  • The Adorkable dancing Blake, Kaiser, Andy and Austin partake in during part 1 of the Aura Kingdom Let's Play manages to be both this and a Funny Moment.
  • Blake mourning the passing of Monty Oum and discussing the impact he had on him during the Kingdom Hearts Let's Play
    • It goes even further than that. As of the Red Faction Let's Play, every LP that takes place in either February or June has been dedicated to Monty
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  • Blake trying his best to get the Good Ending of Dishonored
  • Blake and Katie flirting happily with one another throughout the Five Nights at Freddy's Let's Play. Becomes Harsher in Hindsight when you watch their Jak II: Renegade and Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Let's Plays, where they can barely stand each other.
  • After failing the last Moral Choice game he played, Blake successfully unlocking the Good Ending of Silent Hill 2 counts as both this and a Moment of Awesome.
  • Blake stating in his Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Let's Play that, if a game has either Moral Choice or Multiple Endings, he will always strive to get the Good Ending. He backed up his talk by going out of his way to track down all 9 Life Upgrades and obtain the Water Sword, just to guarantee that he and Katie would witness the Golden Ending.
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  • Blake and Kaiser discussing how they have been best friends for over a decade during their Border Lands 2 Let's Play.
  • Despite their chauvinistic attitudes in the early parts of the Harem Protagonist playthrough, the fact that, for the most part, Blake, Kaiser, Andy and Austin treated the girls with kindness and respect shows that they're good guys after all, complete with trying to fight off the thugs that were harassing Izumi and declaring that Ayano was a member of their wolf pack after seeing her get bullied.
  • Blake being both surprised and happy that he got one of the good endings in Red Faction II, considering the unfortunate amount of civilian casualties he racked up during the playthrough.
  • Blake busting his ass and refusing to accept defeat, grinding his characters and maxing out their Likeability just so that he could view the Golden Ending of Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
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  • What's heartwarming about the Hive Swap Let's Play isn't just Blake's sheer joy that the game came out, but that after initially being on unfriendly terms with the Homestuck fanbase, he can proudly stand beside the fans in their greatest moment.
  • During the Let's Play of Night Cry, Blake and Andy made a mistake and forgot one of the key actions required to get the Golden Ending. In response, Blake went back and played through the entire game again offscreen, just to correct his mistake and ensure he and his comrades would witness the True Ending. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Blake Squeeing over how adorable Hat Kid is during part 1 of his A Hat in Time Let's Play.
  • Blake broke his wrist at the start of 2018. Does he use that as a reason to sit the month out? Hell no! He rolled up his sleeves and churned out a Let's Play of Chroma Squad using one hand. Not just badass, but also proving yet again how much he cares about providing content for his viewers.
    • Even better, he based his team after his best friends, stating that he wouldn't want to have anyone else on his superhero crew.
  • During the Doki Doki Literature Club! streams, Blake and the team talked about how much their friendship means to one another, and how they would gladly extend their sense of Family of Choice to the four girls (yes, even Monika).
  • The crew making sure to befriend every Troll during their Hiveswap Friendsim Let's Play. Even Zebruh
  • Blake announcing during the Stardew Valley Let's Play that he is going to be the best man at Kaiser's wedding, as his way of returning the favor for Kaiser being Blake's best man years before.
    • Kaiser one-upped him by promising that, no matter how many times Blake got married, he'd always be his best man. Now that's friendship!
  • Blake's friendship with Karn (of Focus Attack and Ex-Aid Abridged fame) and the subsequent support he received from both him and his fanbase has resulted in Blake's Twitch channel reaching 50 followers and becoming an Affiliate. This is extra Heartwarming, since Blake has mentioned elsewhere that bigger content creators tend to look down on smaller guys like him, so for Karn to throw him a bone like this is monumental, and a big reason why Blake plays up his role as Karn's White Woz.

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