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Heartwarming / Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

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  • Pretty much all the interactions between Andrea and Bruce that don't qualify for Tear Jerker are heartwarming. Especially when Bruce proposes.
    Andrea: I thought I had thrown you for a loop. I thought you didn't know what to do with me because I wasn't in the plan.
    Bruce: You are now. I'm changing the plan. [they kiss]
    • "Maybe they already have. Maybe they sent me."
  • Alfred's kind words of encouragement after Andrea disappears.
    • In the second flashback, Bruce agrees to meet Andrea’s father (a sign their relationship is starting to get serious) and Bruce immediately confines to Alfred that he must be “going nuts” to deviate so wildly from the plan that’ll eventually lead to Batman. Alfred can only say, “If I may be so bold, Master Bruce, I’d say quite the reverse.”
  • Carl Beaumont's promise to protect Andrea.
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  • Even with suspicions high and reasonable points being stacked against Batman, Gordon refuses to have any part in hunting his friend or even suspecting him.
  • In a bizarre way, Joker's collective reaction to his old gang: He's happy to see Sal again, until Sal incurs his wrath, at least, he wants to kill the Phantasm to avenge the "old gang," as he calls them, and even his gassing Arthur Reeves can be seen as revenge for Arthur's role in their deaths.
  • Heartwarming in hindisght, even though Andrea rejected Batman's Though Shalt Not Kill morality, she did eventually come to understand and refused to tarnish Batman's legacy by killing Terry's parents, which indicates that after all those years, she still cared about Bruce.
  • Years after the movie's original release and subsequent Box Office Bomb status, Fathom Events gave it another chance in the theater for its 25th anniversary, allowing the many fans who helped vindicate it by cable the chance to finally see it on the big screen.

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