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Awesome / Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

The film
The Bat is born.
  • Bruce foiling an armored car robbery while disguised in a black ski-mask and leather jacket in a flashback.
  • Bruce running up the front of a motorcycle and punching the thug off in one smooth motion in another flashback.
  • The birth of Batman. The awesome music (titled "The Birth of Batman," to boot), mixed with a simultaneous usage of Tear Jerker, makes it probably the most incredible showing of Bruce's first donning of the cowl ever.
    Alfred: [startled] My... God!
    • In-Universe, it's the moment when Bruce finally obtains what he needs to strike fear into his enemies.
    • And the first person he strikes fear into is the person who is supposed to know him the best.
    • On a meta level, this scene is an answer to the iconic title sequence from the show. Where that intro eschewed explaining Batman's origins in order to have him leap fully-formed onto TV screens, this scene is all you need to know about how Bruce Wayne finally became the Batman.
  • Joker murdering his former boss, then taking on Batman and holding his own when the Phantasm arrives to kill him.
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  • Joker infecting Reeves with his Joker gas and leaving him hospitalized. No one liked that bastard anyway.
  • The Joker tries to flee on a Jet Pack but Batman catches up with him and the two struggle in the air until they crash into the globe of the derelict World's Fair. The two survive, and Andrea grabs the Joker to complete her revenge once and for all. At that very moment, the explosives the Joker planted everywhere in the fair blow up like hell on Earth, and the Joker utters perhaps his most epic Evil Laugh in the entire DCAU canon. Andrea then smokes out, taking the Joker with her. The ground crumbles under Batman's feet, making him fall into the sewers. He is then dragged away by the current and emerges far away into safety to contemplate the explosions.
    • Shirley Walker's amazing soundtrack just adds to the scene's epic-ness through and through, the choirs especially.
  • The final scene, pure and simple. Seeing Bruce stand on the building edge looking out into the night and knowing that he is and always will be Batman. Then the music swells up and the Bat Signal lights up the sky. Bob Kane and Bill Finger's vision perfectly displayed.



  • The opening is purely awesome!
  • The fact that Siskel and Ebert gave the movie "2 thumbs up" and almost gave them good reason to turn their backs on the Animation Age Ghetto.
    • Even more awesome this is the only Batman film of the 80s/90s to get "2 thumbs up." Yes, that's right, this animated Batman film is the only Batman film that Roger Ebert liked until The Dark Knight Trilogy.note 
  • Mark Hamill says that this movie was where he truly developed his repertoire of Joker laughs, a collection he used since.
  • The film didn't do well at the box office, but it managed to get excellent reviews and is now considered one of the best Batman adaptations ever made.


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