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Heartwarming / Batman & Robin

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  • Whatever you may think about the movie, the scene where Alfred gives Barbara the disk containing all the knowledge about Bruce and Dick's superhero identities is sweet, because it shows that the aging butler truly loved them as his own children.
    It's the sacred trust of two good men whom I have the honor of calling "son."
    • Further reinforced when Bruce talks with Alfred after confirming his state of health; Barbara might feel that Alfred is just a servant, but when Bruce asks if Alfred's ever regretted his life, Alfred smiles that he considers it an honor to have attended to heroes and his only regret is that he was never able to be out there with them, Bruce in turn acknowledging Alfred as a hero in his own right.
  • "There is no defeat in death, Master Bruce. Victory comes in defending what we know is right while we still live."
  • When Batman takes down Freeze in the final battle, he reveals that (contrary to Ivy's claims), Nora is still alive, and then informs Freeze that while anyone can take life, the ability to give life is a rare power, such as the power that Freeze had before his accident. With that reminder, Batman makes an appeal to Victor Fries to show the Dark Knight how to cure MacGregor's Syndrome Stage One so that he can save another life (Alfred). Moved by Batman's appeal, Freeze gives Batman the samples he has developed so far, and in turn, Batman promises Freeze a special cell in Arkham where he can continue his research legitimately.
    Take two of these... and call me in the morning.
    • Speaking of Freeze and his wife, there's the scene where he dismisses the advances of a completely devoted henchwoman out of loyalty to Mrs. Fries.
  • At the end, a completely-cured Alfred coming downstairs and sharing a happy reunion with Bruce, Dick, and Barbara.
    • Also Bruce repeating Dick's words about trusting your partner, and the two men accepting Barbara into their fold.
  • In a way, Robin's interactions with Ivy in her lair. Robin by this point has snapped out of his blind love obsession but still comes to her and tells her he loves her enough to want to be with her, but only if she turns good and says he'll kiss her after she tells him what he wants. He also stays long enough to kiss her as she asks, perhaps to test once and for all if her love for him was real. He might have been really hoping that she would change sides for real so they could be together when it was over.
  • In the bike racing scene, Dick is still wearing his Robin helmet, which can remind one of his anecdote about the origins of the name in the previous movie.

Behind the Scenes

  • When the media gave Alicia Silverstone hell for having gained a little weight, Joel Schumacher basically responded, "Yeah, she put on a few pounds, so what?"
  • Despite the backlash the film gets and the shame some of his co-stars and crew have publicly expressed over the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated he still has no regrets making it and doesn't deny what a fun time he seemed to have had.
  • Writer Paul Dini, whose revamped version of Mr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series was a major influence on this iteration of the character, was invited onto the set of Nora Fries' cryochamber and described himself being in awe to be stepping through part of a world he helped create.
  • When the news of Schumacher's death broke out, there was a massive outpouring of appreciation for him and his work, including from those who despised this movie. Many people were saying how Batman & Robin shouldn't overshadow the rest of his work, and how a kind and positive Joel as a person was towards other people who worked with him.