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Let's face it, the lame puns become old pretty quickly, but almost all reviews have agreed that they're in So Bad, It's Good territory.

  • At the start of the movie, Batman and Robin are standing in the Batcave after suiting up and watching the Batmobile rise up. Once the Batmobile finally arrives, this exchange follows:
    Robin: I want a car.
    (Batman looks at Robin, as if to ask "Really?")
    Robin: Chicks dig the car! (Robin has the goofiest "that was a good one" face)
    Batman: (looking at the camera) This is why Superman works alone.
    • Really, it sets the tone for the movie you're about to watch.
  • Most of Mr. Freeze's puns. It helps that resident one-liner master Arnold Schwarzenegger is under that icy exterior.
    • "MERRRRRRCCYYYYY?!?! I'm afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy!"
    • "You are not sending me to the cooler!"
    • "Stay cool, bird-boy!"
    • "Can you be cold, Batman?!"
    • "My passion, thaws for my bride alone".
    • "FROSTY!"
    • "All right, everyone! CHILL!"
    • "Cool party!"
    • "It's a cold town."
    • "Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well, for it's the chilling sound of your doom."
    • "If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday's finest! It is FEAST!"
    • "Let's kick some ICE!!!"
    • "Tonight's forecast — a freeze is coming!"
    • "What killed the dinosaurs?! THE ICE AGE!!"
  • CRASH! "Hi, Freeze." [Head Bob] "I'm Batman."
    • The best part is that the head bob is unintentionally exaggerated by the weight of the mask.
  • Freeze yelling "KILL THE HEROES! YES! KILL THEM! KILL THEM! YES!" as his Mooks leap out and advance on the Dynamic Duo.
  • After Freeze freezes Robin and makes his escape, he seals the hole he escapes through behind him with an ice blast, then leans back into view, wipes away some condensation, and waves at Batman before leaving.
  • This bit with Dr. Woodrue after Pamela calls him out for his experiments:
    Pamela: When I'm done with you, you won't be able to get a job teaching high school chemistry! Do you hear me?! You...psycho?!
    Dr. Woodrue: (calmly) Well, I can respect your opinion. Sadly, I'm not good at rejection. I'm afraid you'll have to die. (lets out a high-pitched shriek as he pushes Pamela into a table of chemicals)
    • John Glover's role as Dr. Woodrue, while brief, is one big Funny Moment due to the sheer contrast between his very over-the-top character in this film and his role as the more composed and subtle Lionel Luthor.
      Woodrue: (after attacking Pamela) Yes. Yes, let the toxins and chemicals burn a grave for you deep into the earth you love so much! Bye-bye, dear! FELLOW MANIACS! BIDDING...BEGINS!
    • "Time to scream!"
    • The over-the-top groan Woodrue lets out as he falls dead after Poison Ivy kisses him.
  • The security footage at Gotham University Labs, which tells Freeze's origin story. As he's falling into the vat of cryonic mutagen, he lets out a scream. However, this is Arnie we're talking about here, so it sounds more like a bunch of loud, angry, gargling gibberish.
  • Freeze wearing a blue robe and polar bear slippers and urging his mooks to sing along to Snow Miser's song before finally giving up.
    Freeze: (conducting and tapping his feet to the rhythm) SING SING!
    (the mooks are trying to do that, but they're mumbling and shivering as they're actually deeply affected by the cold despite being bundled up)
    Freeze: C'MON, SING! LOUDER, C'MON! SING! SING! SING! C'MON! YES, C'MON, LOUDER! (throws up hands in defeat and storms off) Ugh...
  • Most examples are due to Narm, but one or two lines are intentionally amusing.
    Miss B. Haven: (flirting with Freeze) Freezie, I'm feeling hot.
    Freeze: (while smoking a cigar) I find that unlikely.
  • The Mood Whiplash that ensues when Frosty, one of Freeze's henchmen, interrupts him watching home videos of him and his wife, and Freeze shoots him an angry glare before picking up his ice gun and freezing the henchman, followed by this line:
    Freeze: I hate when people talk during the movie!
  • Batman's credit card. Freeze-Frame Bonus: It lasts forever.
    Batman: Never leave the cave without it.
  • Freeze and Ivy's first interaction at the auction:
    Freeze: Well, look at you. Let me guess...Plant Girl? Vine Lady, huh? Hand over the diamond, Garden Gal, or I'll turn you to mulch!(Ivy tries using her pheromones on Freeze)
    Freeze: (appears to have been affected by the pheromones) Pheromone dust, designed to heat a man's blood. (Beat; then glares at Ivy) But that doesn't work on the cold-hearted. Now if you'll please...
    Poison Ivy: ...if you insist. (sticks her neck out to show off the diamonds more clearly)
    Freeze: (snatches the diamond necklace off of her) Clever, little clover...(someone falls to the floor in between them) Uh! That's my exit cue! (flashes a thumbs-up with a cheesy grin) Thanks!
  • During Freeze's attack at the auction, Batman knocks out one of Freeze's goons by driving his fist through an object the goon had been wielding as a weapon. As the goon stands dazed before falling over, we get this:
    Batman: (very deadpan) Good night.
  • Shortly after Freeze attacks the charity auction and makes a getaway, Batman heads off in pursuit of Freeze, but Robin lingers behind, entranced by Poison Ivy, who notices him staring at her and teases him by discreetly blowing him a kiss, forcing Batman to come back, grab Robin's arm, and pull him away.
  • The sad, almost pouty look on Freeze's face after Batman apprehends him.
    • Before that, Freeze hits the coming Batmobile with an ice blast and believes the Bat is dead. He laughs evilly...until he looks and sees that Batman not only survived, but is swooping down toward him. His reaction right before Batman crashes through the window of his vehicle is worth plenty of giggles.
      Freeze: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (spots Batman swooping in) UH-OH!
  • Freeze marveling "A laundry service that delivers! Wow!" after Bane brings him his gear during Poison Ivy's breakout in Arkham.
  • More exchanges between Ivy and Freeze:
    Ivy: What are you, about a fifty big-and-tall?
    Freeze: No. I always go a size smaller; makes me look slimmer!

    Freeze: I'm running on empty. I need to get more diamonds from my hideout!
    Ivy: I'll help you grab your rocks!
  • This exchange between the Dynamic Duo:
    Robin: I can't believe we were fighting over a bad guy.
    Batman: "Bad," yes. "Guy," no.
    • Also:
      Batman: Nice stems, though.
      Robin: Buds, too.
      Batman: Yeah, those were nice.
  • Poison Ivy and Robin suffer several Moment Killer moments at Freeze's hideout.
    • When Ivy ambushes Robin at the hideout, Robin (now being aware that she is a villain) tries to tell her to give herself up. Ivy interrupts him uninitiated and simply blows her pheromones in his face.
      Poison Ivy: Polly wanna kiss?
    • While Poison Ivy is leaning in to kiss Robin, Bane ends up unintentionally saving Robin by tossing Batman over the rails, and he lands right next to the two of them, startling them right before their lips can meet and ruining their quiet moment.
    • Ivy quickly manages to seduce Robin again while Bane distracts Batman and quickly gets Robin to fall completely in love with her. Right as they are leaning in for a kiss, Batman once again interrupts them, this time on purpose by shouting at Robin not to kiss her.
    • Batman correctly guesses why Poison Ivy has been trying to kiss them, but Robin just thinks he is lying because he is jealous that Poison Ivy loves him instead and didn't want them to kiss. He ends up attacking Batman in a rage, only to be quickly overpowered by his mentor and thrown in a vat of ice cream. To add insult to injury, this created a distraction for Poison Ivy and Bane to escape, with Ivy smugly laughing at the two.
  • After Poison Ivy gets the jump on him, Batman wondering why he always attracts psychopaths.
    Batman: Why are all the gorgeous ones homicidal maniacs? Is it me?
  • "You LIE!" True, it was said during a traumatic moment, but Arnold's delivery of that line, complete with Declarative Finger, was hilarious.
    • This is followed by an equally-hammy vow of vengeance upon Batman. "His bones will turn to... ICE! THEIR BLOOD WILL FREEZE IN MY HANDS!"
  • The hilarious way Clooney says "Dick" while arguing with Dick about Poison Ivy.
    Bruce: She wants to kill you, Dick!
  • "No matter what they tell you, Mister Bane. It is the size of your gun that counts!"
  • This little gem after Freeze and Bane crash into the observatory and come upon two technicians working on the telescope Freeze needs to use his freezing engine.
    Freeze: Hi! Oh, I'm sorry about the door! Is the party over?
  • Batman fighting Freeze and especially the scientists' reactions to the whole thing.
    "Yay, Batman!" "Oh, no!"
  • When Batgirl rescues Batman and Robin from Ivy and tells them she knows their secret:
    Batman: She knows who we are.
    Robin: I guess we'll just have to kill her.
    Batman: Yep, we'll kill her later, we've got work to do.
  • While Robin outsmarting Ivy is one of the best scenes in the film, it also has some funny parts to it besides the flirty puns.
    • When Robin is approaching Ivy he tells her that he "wants them to be together." Although he is trying to be romantic by saying this, it implies that had Ivy passed his test and proven her love was real, then he would have loved her enough to ask her to marry him when everything was over. This is despite having only met her days ago, their previous "dates" not going so well, this only being their third official meeting/date and the first time they finally kiss, and the fact that neither of them even know the other’s real name! Safe to say though that any wedding plans Robin might have had for them were quickly cancelled.
    • When Ivy and Robin are slowly leaning in for their kiss, Ivy peaks her eyes open and smirks to herself, which Robin barely misses due to keeping his eyes closed for the whole kiss. Ivy was so excited, believing she had finally seduced Robin, that she nearly blew her cover early. Also, since Robin wasn't actually seduced and only stayed to kiss her as a test of her love, it actually means Robin, who had already spent most of the film letting his emotions get the better of him, managed to keep it together and stay "in character" better than Ivy.
    • After the kiss, Ivy reveals her true intentions to Robin by smugly continuing to flirt in a mock sad voice while rubbing noses with Robin and stroking his chin, as if she's wishing "her love" goodbye and is pretending to be sorry for her betrayal, before leaning back at smirking at him in victory. When Robin reveals his rubber lips he speaks to her with the same mock sadness, while saying he "hates to disappoint her" for surviving. The look on Poison Ivy's face as she gets a taste of her own medicine and realizes Robin manipulated her romantically by pretending to love her the same way she did to him is one of pure shock and is hilarious.
    • After revealing he survived Ivy's kiss thanks to wearing rubber lips, Robin stays siting next to her, their faces still only a few inches apart, instead of leaving immediately or taking advantage of her surprised state by tackling and arresting her. Then Ivy, after overcoming her shock, turns to Robin and glares angerly at him before suddenly leaping forward and shoving him from the romantic flower throne they had just been sharing and he splashes into the pond, instead of simply grabbing him and smashing his now unprotected lips against hers for a second kiss. This all happens in the same spot they were flirting and kissing on a few moments ago, a bit of a Mood Whiplash for anyone who thought they were being romantic. It's also funny how they kill the romantic mood themselves instead of being interrupted this time, going from flirting and saying how much they love each other to revealing their own lies and deceptions to each other, almost like their kiss flipped a switch for the two of them.
    • As her plants try to drown Robin, Ivy begins to walk away and just waves goodbye to Robin and says a smug simple "see ya!" as she leaves him behind. It's almost like she is treating the situation like a breakup, but the question is who dumped whom? Did Ivy breakup with Robin for tricking her into kissing him and revealing her plan (nothing says "we're through" like shoving someone into a pond) or did she see Robin not falling for her charms and kiss as him breaking up with her and tried drowning him as revenge (You're dumping me? Then have a swim!)? Either way, it's like an apparently happy couple are breaking up all over one bad kiss.
  • As Poison Ivy begins leaving Robin behind in her lair, she gasps in shock when she runs right into Batman, who apparently followed Robin there and ambushed Ivy as part of their own trap. But, Ivy immediately has her plants restrain him and slowly begins crushing him, his ambush completely failing before he even gets a chance to do anything.
  • During Ivy's fight with Batgirl she pulls out a knife, but sees her reflection in it and quickly straightens her hair before continuing the fight.
  • After learning about Barbara's superhero origin, Dick and Bruce discuss that they’ll have to kill her.
  • A behind-the-scenes example. When on The Tonight Show to promote Ocean's Eleven, George Clooney claimed to have been denied credit at a Las Vegas casino because he didn't have any ID, even after reminding the staff that he'd been on ER.
    "I told them about the "Batman" thing, and they threw me out."