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Nightmare Fuel / Batman & Robin

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Even the campiest and most silly of all the Batman movies has some pretty nightmarish stuff of its own.

  • Mr Freeze turning people to frozen statues right where they stand with his cryogenic weaponry, and leaving them with only eleven minutes to live in such a state.
    • Freeze using the modified Gotham Observatory telescope as a giant ice cannon to freeze the whole of Gotham City in the climax, and comes within seconds of successfully killing everyone.
  • Freeze outside of cold temperatures. In Arkham, when he tries to run away, it reduces him to a suffocating, moaning zombie with discolored, bloodshot eyes.
  • Antonio Diego being turned into Bane. The poor bastard is hooked up to Dr. Woodrue's machine and has a mask forced onto his face, then starts violently convulsing on the gurney as a cocktail of horrific chemicals is pumped into his body via a series of cannulae drilled directly into the back of his skull. And then his body starts to grotesquely swell and bulk up as his screaming becomes deeper and more inhuman.
    Woodrue: By merely drilling three concentric holes directly into Antonio's cranial cavity, I have created viaducts into the most primitive part of his brain; the Limbic system. (chuckles) And now I add my Super Soldier serum, codenamed... Venom! To which I add my very own recipe of steroids and toxins. Plug him in... (activates the process) Time to scream!
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  • Woodrue murders Pamela Isley after she rejects him and his insane plans, first by calmly stating he can respect her decision, before screaming like a maniac and throwing an entire table of various types of venom and toxins on top of her. Pamela can only weakly lift up her hand as the concentrated poisons melt into the ground and create a glowing green cesspool that swallows her up. It's entirely likely Pamela really did die during this sequence, and the woman who emerged later was a completely new individual driven by the suffering Pamela endured.
  • The freaky gang that Poison Ivy crashes in on to claim the Turkish bath as her hideout. They all have neon body paint and weird contacts that make their eyes look smaller; giving them an almost alien appearance; and when their leader — named Cannibal in the novelizations — tells Poison Ivy "You look good enough to eat", the look on his face makes one wonder if he's even making an innuendo.
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  • Poison Ivy's fate at the end of the movie: she's swallowed by one of her own giant fly traps, survives, goes insane from the experience, and is sent to Arkham Asylum. She is left alone, a dishevelled madwoman in a darkened cell, aimlessly plucking at flower and mumbling to herself. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't end there; Freeze is returned to Arkham after finding out from Batman that Ivy was in fact the one who tried to kill Nora in stasis, and it's all too clear that he's going to make her pay.
    Ivy: He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me...
    Male Voice: ...not.
    (Freeze's armor switches on from a dark corner of the cell, illuminating it with an eerie blue glow)
    Freeze: And I've come to make your life a living hell. Prepare for a bitter harvest. Winter... has come at last.
  • The Mr. Freeze Game Over sequence of the Batman & Robin PlayStation game has Batman, Robin, and Batgirl all being slowly frozen to death inside locked sub-zero chambers, accompanied by a heartbeat sound and some terrifying, ominous music. The horrific sound that goes with the image of the heroes dying a painful death on-screen is enough to scare younger players.