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Nightmare Fuel / Batman & Robin

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Even the most laughable Batman movie ever made has nightmarish stuff of its own.

  • People getting frozen on the spot and having only eleven minutes left to live in that state.
    • Freeze attempting to freeze the whole of Gotham City in the climax and nearly succeeding.
  • Freeze outside of cold temperatures. In Arkham, when he tries to run away, it reduces him to a moaning zombie with discolored, bloodshot eyes.
  • The creation of Bane. The poor bastard hooked up to Dr. Woodrue's machine starts violently convulsing on the slab as the venom is pumped into his body via a hole drilled directly into his skull and then his body starts to grotesquely swell and bulk up as his screaming becomes deeper and more inhuman.
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  • The freaky gang that Poison Ivy crashes in on to claim the Turkish bath as her hideout. They all have weird contacts that make their eyes look smaller, and when their leader — named Cannibal in the novelizations — tells Poison Ivy "You look good enough to eat..." the look on his face makes one wonder if he's even making an innuendo.


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