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  • There are some subtle hints that deep down, Norman knows that his mother is no longer alive, such as when he refuses to let Arbogast see her. Even stronger evidence is when they argue about him hiding her in the fruit cellar and she refuses to leave her room, forcing him to pick her up and carry her. Is this because of her nasty personality, or does he know full well that she can't walk because she's dead?
    • It's possible he's in denial. He upholds the illusion that his mother is still alive, even having conversations for her in her clothes. When he is finally exposed, he breaks completely.
    • Also, from the perspective of how the story is presented in the book (with Norman interacting with Mother similar to how the Narrator of Literature/Fight Club interacts with Tyler Durden), the reason why he won't allow Arbogast to see Mother is because Norman knows how dangerous she is and is probably under the delusion of not just trying to protect her from being arrested, but maybe part of him is trying to protect Arbogast from Norma and how dangerous she is.
  • Why does Marion say she's from Los Angeles and that she's planning to go to Fairvale, then tell Norman she has a "long drive back to Phoenix"? Is she just lousy at keeping up her cover story?
    • She is planning to go to Sam in Fairvale, but during her conversation with Norman, she seems to have a Heel Realization. She was planning to go back to Phoenix and hand the money back in - facing the consequences of her actions. So at that point she no longer cared about pretending to be someone else or hiding what she'd done - she says she's going back to Phoenix and gives her real last name Crane to Norman (who then checks the book that she signed as 'Marie Samuels').
  • Did Norman dispose of all the girls in the swamp? What about their cars?
    • He could have sold the cars. Notably Arbogast doesn't get any leads from Marion selling her car on the way to the motel - so Norman bringing the car in and exchanging it might not look suspicious. It's just that Marion was murdered in the dead of night, so he had to dispose of her things quickly. He could also have 'found' the cars on the side of the road and reported them himself (the sheriff seems friendly with him).
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    • It's safe to say that their cars were also used, like Marion's, to hide the evidence of the crime, much like how Arbogast's car was used to conceal his murder. Norman doesn't appear to own a car, so him bringing a car he has never been seen in before would be a huge red sign that would get people asking where and when he got a car.
  • Yes, we know Hitchcock wanted the rocking chair to suddenly become a swivel chair which could rotate horizontally for The Reveal of Mother. But is there any way this could work on a swivel chair with real life physics?

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