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  • Everything Norman does when he doesn't play The Peeping Tom or have his alternate personality kill people. He offers Marion food and asks if she'd eat and chat with him, gives her a place to stay, takes in her bags in the pouring rain, fires Toomey for mistreating his motel, stands up for Mary when Toomey harasses her, and saves a suicidal Maureen's life.
  • Mary comforting Norman in Psycho II (picture).
  • A meta example: In the wake of Anthony Perkins' Award Snub for his performance in the original, Hitchcock made his disapproval no secret. A telegram to Perkins from Hitchcock said, "I am ashamed of your fellow actors." For a director to be that supportive of his star is always refreshing.
  • The sequel to the Psycho novel involves Norman, more crazed than ever before, killing innocents in his Mother personality for fun. This varies greatly from the second movie in which he wants to be a better man with a normal life, not controlled by his mother. It's heartwarming to see that underneath the psychopath that is 'Norma Bates', he wants to be friendly to others and help humanity.
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  • In Psycho III Norman poisons birds so that he can stuff them once they've died. While sitting at his table stuffing them at the start of the movie, one of them springs back to life. Rather than kill it, Norman takes the bird outside and lets it fly away.


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