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  • Why did Danny always pronounce "Iron Bison" as "eye-RON"? Is that a legitimate way of pronouncing the word? I've never heard anyone say it that way before, but surely the director would have corrected the actor.
    • Danny has a very thick accent due to his actor (Jack Guzman) actually being Colombian and was having a hard enough time with his English. Constantly correcting him when he's already doing the the best he can would be cruel.
  • So if Merrick was an Animarium Warrior, he would have been chosen by a Wild Zord, right? But as we learn during the series, he doesn't acquire the Wolf, Hammerhead Shark and Alligator crystals until the final battle with Master Org. So shouldn't he have had another Wild Zord prior to that?
    • According to the Power Rangers wiki, he didn't have one; it was the other five who used the Crystal Sabers. He was Princess Shayla's personal guard.
  • Word of God says that Turtle Cove is in Colorado. How in God's name did Cole manage to get to a landlocked state from his jungle home by CANOE?!
    • Without anyone noticing him, no less!
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    • Umm...the Morphin Grid...thingy. DO NOT QUESTION THE POWER.
    • Because Rivers are in fact things that exist
    • On that same note, Turtle Cove is clearly the place where the Animarium was long ago. Why did Cole's parents have to go to this far away jungle to find the remains of Master Org, and for that matter, why were his remains so far away from the site of the battle of the Animarium itself?
  • Are Jindrax and Toxica dead? They seem like they turned good near the end of the show, but they're still Orgs. The rangers then destroyed the Org Heart, which is what kept Orgs in existence, so presumably that killed Jindrax and Toxica as well as Master Org.
    • The Org Heart wasn't keeping Orgs in existence, it just allowed Master Org to revive himself. It hadn't even existed prior to the last three episodes of the series, so there's no reason to assume its destruction would have had any effect on Jindrax and Toxica, or any other surviving Orgs for that matter. Don't forget Zen-Aku was seen after the Org heart was destroyed.
  • In the end of Wild Force, Taylor goes back to the Air Force after being missing for more than a year. Am I the only one bothered that they let her back in, seemingly no questions asked? She vanished over home territory with a multi-million dollar fighter jet. Even if they presumed she was lost in a crash, it would raise some serious questions when she just shows up a year later. Things like "Where were you?" "Where's your jet?" "If you're fine why didn't you report back earlier?". The military in general tends to frown upon people going AWOL after all. For that matter, why didn't some serious alarms go off when her license got ran earlier in the season?
    • Maybe there were a bunch of questions asked, and we just didn't see it on screen.
      • She was "given a hero's welcome" that doesn't sound like asking questions to me.
      • Power Rangers are known to communicate with one another, especially after Forever Red, and Lightspeed Rescue was a government operation. She probably had word passed that she was, essentially, on a covert ops mission necessary for national security, with Lightspeed Rescue vouching for her, which ensured the Hero's Welcome when she got back from said mission.
  • I get why they couldn't do this (as they couldn't get Rocky), so this is more of a "could they have if they could" question: if Steve Cardenas had been available, could they have given him the Aquitar Ranger powers for the team-up instead of having him be Tommy's butler?
    • Highly unlikely, since it's generally accepted that the Aquitar ranger powers are tied into their biology due to their lack of morphers.
    • All things considered, had they been able to get Steve Cardenas, it would have probably been better to have put Rocky in the Ninja Ranger outfit (the one that the Rangers would turn into to fight the Tengas). It wouldn't quite fit with the other Rangers there, but it would have at least allowed all the Red Rangers to be there with unique powers.
  • If the Orgs are trying to destroy nature, how come so many of their powers (like growing or Master Org stuff) have to do with seeds and vines?

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