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Headscratchers / Power Rangers Ninja Storm

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  • Why did Cam, creator of the Tsunami Cycle tech, never make one for himself? I think there's even a green Tsunami Cycle toy, so... yeah.
    • Cam doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle. Why make yourself a piece of equipment you'd just embarrass yourself on?
  • Between "Prelude to a Storm" and "Samurai's Journey", did Lothor recognize Cam, and if so why didn't he try to make sure Cam wouldn't go back in time (again)?
    • Firstly, it had been twenty years with a lot happening in between; considering the brevity of their meeting, it's not that surprising that Lothor didn't recognise Cam. Secondly, considering Lothor's warped mental state, he may have 'enjoyed' what he had become on some level.
  • Why would Blake and Hunter take the word of a man who just attacked their school, even if it was about their parents?

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