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Fridge Brilliance

  • As mentioned on the main page, Jason Took a Level in Jerkass, and, early on in Turbo, seemed to have some anger issues against Tommy. It's likely that, deep down, Jason wasn't entirely happy that Tommy took his role as leader, leading to some resentment.
  • The name "Animarium"/"Animaria", for the island on which the Wild Zords reside, is a carryover from Gaoranger, the Japanese source material. However, while it sounds like a generic fairy-tale-place name, we're forgetting that the name was conceived from the Japanese language, where the letter "L" technically does not exist. What happens when you adapt the name in a corrected form? You get "Animalium"/"Animalia"! Perfect when you consider that "Auditorium", "Planetarium", "Gymnasium" or any similar words ending in "-ium" on the same concept are areas where activities are performed or individuals reside!
  • This is something that occured to me a while in regards to "Forever Red". I don't know if this was on purpose by the writers, but the pairings we see in the episode make more sense when you take into account each Red Ranger's history:
    • Jason and Cole - The first and current Red Ranger respectively. And while it's a controversial moment, Cole destroying Serpentera could be considered a sort of 'passing-the-torch' moment from Jason as he succeeds where the first Red Ranger failed.
    • Tommy and Wes - Both have been paired with their team's respective Pink Rangers (though only Tommy became an official couple with Kim and later Kat, whereas Wes and Jen settled unresolved sexual tension.
    • T.J. and Leo - The two had worked together previously in the Lost Galaxy/In Space team up.
    • Eric and Aurico - Two Red Rangers who were never the leaders of their respective teams. Also both their teams were led by females. And Eric's comments towards mutants and aliens like Trip in Time Force can be seen as character growth working with the "Alien" Ranger (though Andros fits that as well).
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    • Carter and Andros - Both had teams with Silver Rangers. Also had heroic careers before their respective teams were formed (Carter was a fire fighter and Andros served as one of Zordon's many warriors and was a Red Ranger already before meeting the Turbo Rangers).
  • Dr. Adler's entire motivation is an undying hatred spawned from his jealousy over Cole's mother choosing the wrong person. Orgs are spawned from pollution. Hate and jealousy are pollution of the mind. Cole even points out those emotions had 'poisoned' Adler.
  • The crossover shows Wes wearing the red beret that denotes command over the Silver Guardians while Eric, his partner and equal, wears a rank-and-file ballcap. From a Doylist perspective this visually symbolizes Wes's position as the Red Ranger vs Eric as the Sixth Ranger, as well as their respective white/blue collar backgrounds. From a Watsonian perspective, Eric is a master marksman and a generally practical man, and a ballcap does better to keep the sun out of one's eyes when lining up a shot.

Fridge Logic

  • Word of God says Turtle Cove is in Colorado. How in God's name did Cole manage to get there from the jungle by canoe?!
    • Paddling really, really hard?
    • That same Word of God said that Time Force's Silver Hills was in Washington State. Either Taylor went several states away and into a different time zone to buy her car, or the Silver Guardians were way out of their jurisdiction.
    • It gets even better. Another Word of God says that Turtle Cove was in Oregon; this Troper assumes it would be somewhere near Portland. Given that, it would have taken Cole a long time to make it from the jungle.
  • How did Cole's motorcycle beat Serpentera? Serpentera was shown to be capable of total planetary annihilation, and he flew right into its primary weapon?
    • Word of God is that the motorcycle counts as a "Holy Weapon" since it came from Animus. Yeah, I'm not really happy about that whole thing... my personal opinion is that they found a prototype of Serpentera, and THAT was what was destroyed.
    • That, or the Machine Empire screwed up while modifying Serpentera.
    • My belief is that by fixing Serpentera's fuel issue, they instead rerouted the weapon power source to the fuel cells, rendering her weapons systems massively underpowered. Only thing that makes sense 15 years on...
    • More on Serpentera, how did it get smaller?

Fridge Horror

  • Looks like Jindrax and Toxica didn't get very far in their journey to "find themselves." Pieces of their bodies can be seen decorating Master Org's final form.
    • That's probably because their Sentai counterparts WERE part of Ultimate Org Senki (the Sentai counterpart of Master Org's final form).
    • Actually, they weren't part of it in Gaoranger either— presumably whoever designed Senki assumed that Toxica and Jindrax's counterparts, Tsuetsue and Yabaiba, were going to be part of it, but the final episodes just saw them killed off, instead, and presumably it was too late to change the design, making those parts of Senki The Artifact.


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