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Headscratchers / Mega Man X8

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  • The Old Save Bonus feature in the PlayStation 2 version. If players have a game save of Mega Man X: Command Mission in their memory card, players can fight Cut Man in near the end of Optic Sunflower's stage. But wouldn't this bonus boss fight make more sense if it was Mega Man: Anniversary Collection's game save instead?
    • You know, Cut Man and the original Mega Man were supposed to appear in Command Mission, but they were left out. Megaman X8 just made a subtle reference to this....
    • Do keep in mind that the Anniversary Collection was never released in Japan or Europe, at least not as far as I'm aware. So the developers probably didn't account for the Anniversary collection in any region.
    • The reason for this is because X8 and Command Mission were made in the same time frame so the save unlock feature was put in as an Easter Egg. Command Mission has one as well if the game detects an X8 save on the card.


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