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Headscratchers / Marvel's Spider-Man

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  • When Spidey took Harry's prototype pumpkin bomb and used it against the Spider-Slayer, why didn't Harry ask how he knew about the bomb? After all the only person who knew was his BFF Peter....oh wait.
  • How the hell has Kraven's show not been canceled and why isn't he wanted by the police? He broadcasts attempted murder live, and even tries to straight-up kill high school kids on camera! Even if no one would be able to tell if they were teenagers or adults, it was still attempted murder.
  • What kind of school environment is Horizon High where kids can routinely create weapons, robots with laser guns, and other highly dangerous technology that puts the school in harm's way? Either they're operating with no teacher or adult supervision, or else Max Modell does know and actually approves of their projects. Either way, it's a miracle or plain Fridge Logic that the school hasn't been sued and closed down after all the property damage and endangered students over the course of the season.
    • Not only that but how did Clayton and Herman not face any consequences for when they were flying about New York causing Man of Steel like destruction with their inventions without anything to hide their identities.
    • Also, why would people want to go to that school if it attracts supervillains? Not only that, but the school created half of the Spider-man rogues gallery.
  • Speaking of broadcasting crimes, Why don't the authorities look up IP addresses whenever someone uploads an incriminating video on Youtube? Screwball should had been arrested for her "pranks".
  • Why was there a 13 month long gap for the second half of season 2?
  • Why did Peter think that the flame sword Harry made was dangerous than a gauntlet that shot out fire?
  • Why doesn’t Miles do anything for most of the show even though early he got powers?
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  • Why doesn’t Peter sell his footage of Spider-Man to somebody else when gets fired from Jameson the show doesn’t mention an exclusivity deal?
  • Why didn’t Miles tell Peter that he got kicked out from Horizon High when he got his body back?