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  • Showing Peter's relationship with Harry is a good sign of things to come. Makes one concerned for the future, though...
  • Peter's joy when first realizing he no longer needs glasses is downright adorable.


Horizon High

  • Peter's care and concern for Aunt May throughout the episode is wonderful. He's not only concerned that she won't be able to pay for his schooling, but he also resolves not to allow her to take on a second job to have to pay for it, instead applying for a job himself.
    • It's the little moments that are heartwarming, too. Aunt May suggests that they have some cake in celebration of his scholarship after he takes out the trash, at which point Peter insists that he do the job himself, also stating that Aunt May does enough for him and that it's time he does some things for her in gratitude.
  • Max Modell truly is a man for others. He may have suspended Harry, but it was out of reluctance, and he wants to prove his innocence. Most importantly, he manages to help out Peter a little with his money troubles, and is genuinely intent on molding him to his potential.
  • Anya may not have liked Peter inadvertently showing her up with her invention, but she doesn't seem to hold that against him given that she accepted him as part of Horizon High.
  • Harry being supportive of Peter going to Horizon is very nice. Though, some of his darker moments do show that he's starting to crack a little.

Osborn Academy

  • After Peter falls out of a window, Harry is distraught, and as soon as Spidey rescues him, he demands to know where Peter is, even threatening the Wallcrawler when he tries to handwave a web-parachute rescue. Harry may have a grudge against Spider-Man, but he clearly cares about his best friend Peter.
  • In a twisted way, Jackal is obviously evil, but the fact that he saved Gwen Stacy, who's his niece in this series, from getting hurt during a fight with Spider-Man, shows that he does have some kind of morality.
  • Peter and Harry vow to never let competition get in between their friendship the way it did with Herman and Clayton.

A Day In The Life

  • Sure it'll eventually become his most dangerous enemy in the series when it happens BUT the idea that Venom wants to be with Peter because he saved it is in a strange way heartwarming.
  • In a twisted way, having Black Cat actually compliment Spiderman when he defeats her is pretty nice, showing she is courteous in some way.

Party Animals

  • The fact that everyone at Horizon High threw a dance to welcome Harry back after he was proven innocent is really nice, and he's very touched. It's too bad he decides to stay at Osborn Academy because of his father. Still, it's the thought that counts, and he's still friends with Peter.
  • Peter comforting Gwen after she found out that her uncle is the Jackal, and had to be arrested is really sweet. Gwen may not be the nicest person, but she clearly appreciates Peter's sentiments, as shown when she hugs him.


  • You will want to give Sandman a hug when it's revealed that his shady actions in both the past and present are all for the sake of making sure things turn out well for his daughter. This crosses over into tearjerker territory when she seemingly flat out murders him onscreen when she thinks he abandoned her. .
  • Flash's friendly relationship with Peter, based around him having put aside his bullying ways after Peter selflessly helped tutor him in the past.
  • Anya rushing into danger to help get other civilians to safety. A born hero indeed.

Stark Expo

  • Lets just say it that Iron Man is really great here. His laid back demeanor, but still professional demeanor when interacting with the students, especially Peter (both as himself and Spiderman) definitely show how much he cares for others. He manages to convince the symbiote induced Spiderman not to do any more damage to Ghost, showing his great moral compass.
    • Give Max Modell some credit. Once he saw the dangers of the V-252, he immediately goes into protector territory in making sure no one is hurt or compromises their moral standing.
  • Spiderman's adoration of Iron Man, on top of being funny, is also sweet. He's clearly interested in who he is a person who stands up for others, always going to his defense each time.
  • Flash may not have been a big help, but he at least tried to help take control of the situation.

Ultimate Spider-Man

  • Anya and Gwen immediately accept Miles and compliment his powers, then the three get overjoyed thinking about the possibility of gaining spider-powers and becoming a team and laugh.
  • As strict as he is, Spiderman does genuinely want what's best for Miles, never being too overbearing but still explaining to him what it means to be a responsible hero and how to keep his loved ones safe.
  • The relationship between Miles and his dad is much more warm and caring, especially considering their relationship in the comics proper is so rocky.
  • Miles defending the boys who previously bullied him from Spencer Smythe, recognizing that they're a part of his neighborhood too and thus it's his responsibility to protect them.
  • It's absolutely adorable when Spidey shows off his webshooters to Miles and gives him a pair.

Kraven's Amazing Hunt

  • Kraven manages to hit Miles with a fear-inducing venom dart and cause him to be scared of Spider-Man. After managing to get away with Miles, Spider-Man manages to calm him down... by revealing he's Peter Parker.

Halloween Moon

  • In this episode, Spider-Man is helped out by Harry and Gwen, the two who have shown outright dislike toward him before yet work together with him perfectly here for the common good.


  • Peter and Flash's burgeoning friendship continues to progress, with the jock and the nerd gaining a better understanding and respect for each other. The episode ends with Flash sticking up for Peter and the reformed bully giving his genius friend an affectionate noogie.

Screwball Live

  • It's a small scene, but Gwen helping Peter decipher the code without question does show how well they get along. Peter's compliment adds to that.
  • On a more serious note, we have Liz Allan and Randy Robertson's friendship. They can disagree on things, but they ultimately look out for each other, best shown in the climax where they have a heart to heart after she reveals her identity as Screwball to him.
  • Yes, it was wrong of Liz to make more Spiderman videos for fame, especially given that it wasn't even what she originally set out to do, but her turnaround into helping him out and being a real hero feels nice to see.

Spider-Island part 1

  • Harry calling up Peter to apologize for blowing up at him and asking if they can be friends again,something Peter is happy to reciprocate.
  • In the next scene, where Spider-Man tells Gwen to be careful, she says that her friend Peter Parker said to her "With great power comes great responsibility.". Gwen is so touched by Peter's actions to her that she apparently considers him her inspiration for becoming a hero.

Spider-Island part 2

  • Spider-Gwen and the spider-enhanced New Yorkers coming to aid Spider-Man against HYDRA's forces. And considering how often Spidey has been disparaged in the franchise as a whole, it's rather refreshing to see for a change.

Spider-Island part 3

  • Peter takes an eletroshock from Kraken meant for a mutated Norman, and when asked by Kraken on why he did that, Harry replies before blasting him in retailation that's becauae Peter is his best friend and helps him up, who thanks Harry, and he replies "That's what friends do".

The Hobgoblin Part 2

  • Once Harry finds out that his father, Norman, has been pretending to be him to kill Spider-Man, Norman tries to convince him to do the deed himself. Harry refuses

How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation

  • One segment has Peter saving famous singer Ross Caliban from Hammerhead and his thugs, and they're both ecstatic that the other one knows each other. Also, while Peter doesn't get into the concert, he does have the honor of being called his friend.
    • You want to know why Hammerhead had his goons kidnap him? It's to make his son's birthday great. Yeah, it's twisted, but he clearly loves him.
  • During the camping segment, Peter encounters someone named Nocturne, who's been stealing food to survive because he was kicked out when his powers went crazy. The way they relate to each other is quite nice. Peter also cooking breakfast for his friends to make up for his sour mood also works.

Take Two

  • Throughout the episode, Otto Octavius is genuinely trying to show he turned over a new leaf, from willingly offering his services to fight bad guys to curing Aleksei of his Rhino form. It's definitely inspiring. Though it gets undermined by the next episode.
  • The ending has Peter's friends comfort him when he's down for things not going his way. It's really sweet.
  • The beginning is also worth noting, where Harry is willing to do what he can to help Peter pay for tuition. Peter insists to be self sufficient, but points for trying.

Between An Ock And A Hard Place

  • Carolyn Trainer/Lady Octopus turns against Doctor Octopus when she discovers he was using her for his own ends, and turns over a new leaf. She may be crazy, but she definitely has standards.
  • When Peter's friends are greatly injured but still all and well despite the incident with Doc Ock, he then goes to check on them, and says how they helped him open himself up more. That's sweet.

Bring On The Bad Guys Part 2

  • When Spiderman is in trouble, Anya does not hesitate to become Spidergirl in order to save him. She then says she didn't act sooner since she feels she has her own goals to accomplish and can't live up to what he stands for. Wow!

Bring On The Bad Guys Part 4

  • In a weird way, the Chameleon gets this at the end. His benefactor who's revealed to be Doc Ock in the next two episodes, tells him how he still accomplished his plan in the long term despite the set up, and personally thanks him for his efforts. It definitely helps show that Chameleon has undying loyalty.

Brain Drain

  • With Peter suffering from sleep deprivation due to the events of the previous episodes, Miles and Aunt May do not hesitate to make sure he's okay. Gwen also brings him his homework. You can't help but admire their dedication to him.

The Living Brain

  • When Spider-Man is down on himself, Yuri Watanabe then gives him an inspirational speech on how he inspires others to not give up and help save the day. She may be tough as nails, but her good heart shines through.

The Cellar

  • Ms Marvel immediately believing Spider-Man when he explained his recent behaviour as having swapped minds with a supervillain, mending their friendship.

The Goblin War

  • While Otto's death ranks among the biggest tearjerkers in the series, he at least died as a hero, saving the city from Adrian Toomes and saying how an act like this would make Uncle Ben proud. He definitely won't be forgotten.
    • What everyone says at Otto's funeral is also quite sweet. Most notably, when Peter thinks he and Anna Maria are the only ones who saw good in him, Max comes in and says he also saw the good in him. Miles says that Otto may have pushed him too much, but still ultimately meant well . Anya says that she was wrong about him being completely evil, essentially swallowing her pride. Gwen says that while Otto definitely pushed the limits on whether or not he could be good, he's still ultimately good.
    • In his will, Otto says how Peter should be accepted back into Horizon. If that doesn't show how he looks out for others, what does?

  • If the behind the scenes videos of the cast and crew are an indication of anything, it's that there's a lot of love and passion in making this show the best it can be.
  • Josh Keaton, who voiced the titular The Spectacular Spider-Man, gave his support to Robbie Daymond, who voices Spider-Man in this series, wishing him good luck in the role. He's clearly a stand up guy about everything.