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  • The show manages to take inspiration from plenty of Spider-Man projects:
    • One of Peter's rejected choices of a disguise looks stunningly similar to Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider costume.
    • Peter's initial costume looks like his prototype costume from Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Likewise, the Vulture is the first supervillain he faces.
    • When designing his web-shooters, Peter jokes that if they told the time and played music he could make a fortune. In Spider-Man: Worldwide, Parker Industries is the creator of an advanced smartwatch called Webware.
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    • The wrestler Peter defeats in his origin story is Bone Saw McGraw, the character played by the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage in the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie, who himself is an expy of Crusher Hogan from the comics. He even looks like Savage. The only difference is his last name, which is changed to McGee.
    • Spider-Man's line to McGee in the fourth short is reminiscent of a similar line from the 90's cartoon when he fought Tombstone.
    McGee: Fight me like a man!
    Peter: How about I fight you like a Spider-Man?
    Tombstone: Come down here and fight me like a man!
    Spider-Man: I don't suppose I could convince you to come up here and fight me like a spider?
    • Horizon's project name for the Venom symbiote is V-252. Amazing Spider-Man #252 is the issue in which Spidey's black suit debuted.
    • According to promo art, the show's version of the Sinister Six has villains that have all been adapted to film before. Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Lizard, Rhino and Vulture. The carryovers into the first incarnation of the group in the show proper were Doc Ock, Vulture, and Rhino.
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    • Black Cat's debut appearance in "A Day in the Life" is reminiscent of her debut appearance in The Spectacular Spider Man, in which she also attempts to steal the Venom symbiote.
    • In "Party Animals", Jackal says he intends to dissect Spider-Man to find out why he can do ''whatever a spider can".
    • The first episode, continuing in the vein of The Spectacular Spider Man has a short scene where Spidey accidentally messes around with an old lady's pigeon coop, and nearly gets smacked by her with a broom.note 
    • In "Symbiotic Relationship," Peter has to deal with the Vulture Force while trying to remove the symbiote. This is a nod to Web of Spider-Man #1, which likewise had Peter trying to rid himself of the symbiote while being attacked by a gang called the Vultorions, who had stolen the Vulture's technology.
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    • In the same episode, he calls himself the "all-new, all-different Spider-Man"
    • In "Stark Expo," the Venom symbiote briefly performs a Mind Meld with Flash Thompson. This is a nod to the period in the comics where Flash was Agent Venom.
    • Miles taking up the Spider-Man identity is done in an episode called "Ultimate Spider-Man", the comics of which were his series of origin.
    • In the same episode, Miles thinks Spider-Man's webs are organic, which is a reference to the Sam Raimi films where Spidey does have organic webs.
    • At a football game in "Venom", Flash tells Peter that the Midtown High Tigers' mascot is being worn by none other than Mary Jane Watson. So Peter calls out to her: "Go get 'em, Tiger!"
    • "The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 2" has Octavius calling himself "the superior hero."
    • In "Spider-Island: Part 1", there's comical nod to the famous "Spider-Man No More" shot that has Peter throwing away his Stealth Spider suit after it malfunctions. Then he quickly grabs it out of the dumpster after he realizes how stupid it would be to leave such a high-tech suit out in the open.
    • Spider-Man being invited to be a member of the Osborn Six as well as being mind controlled to join the Sinister Six is a reference to the Ultimate Sinister Six where Spidey is forced to join.
    • Norman Osborn convincing his son into thinking his blackouts were him becoming the Goblin is very similar to a late plot reveal in The Spectacular Spider Man.
    • Eddie Brock as Venom captures Aunt May in the exact same way as he captured Mary Jane in Spider-Man 3.
    • The plot of "The Living Brain" references the ending of The Amazing Spider-Man #700, where Doc Ock effectively steals Peter's body.
  • Otto's Heroic Sacrifice and redemption at the end of season 2 brings Spider-Man 2 into mind.
  • In the ending of the "Web of Venom" two-parter, various symbiote faces emerge from the shadows, resembling the final panels of the first chapter of the Planet of the Symbiotes story arc.
  • The two-part episode "Amazing Friends" is named after the 80s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon.
  • In the same episode, Baron Mordo's alien golems have flaming heads that recall Dormammu.
  • The World-Killer dragon symbiote is a reference to the Grendel from Donny Cates's Venom run.