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Headscratchers / Kirby's Epic Yarn

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  • When it comes to the final boss, does Yin-Yarn or the knitting needles have the real control?
    • I thought it was implied that Yin-Yarn was the knitting needles.
      • This actually makes a lot of sense. One knitting needle has bright yellow eyes, symbolizing light, while the other has purple eyes, symbolizing darkness. Yin and yang mean light and darkness, among other things. Put two and two together and the knitting needles names are probably Yin and Yarn. Combine those two and you have Yin-Yarn. The needles were the real Yin-Yarn. The wizard was just an avatar created by the two. Could perhaps count as Fridge Brilliance.
  • If Kirby can't inhale because he's made of yarn, then how does his parachute form work? For that matter, how can he or the regular Patch World people eat? My guess is magic - specifically, Kirby's Copy ability is Dream Land magic, and does not gel properly with Patch Land magic. The Metamato allows Kirby to use Patch Land abilities, such as however it is they do their transformations or eat.
    • The food they eat is made of yarn. Magic A Is Magic A.
      • Kirby's ability to swallow enemies is gone. Kirby's ability to eat isn't. Kirby may have had some time to learn how to eat without just swallowing it, but still.
    • The parachute works by configuring Kirby's body in a manner that can catch air. Notice he still can't hold any of it in.
  • Why is every single classic tune found in this game stated to be from Kirby's Dream Land? Did the developers get lazy with the last minute addition of the remakes that they copypasta'd the description for every song regardless whether they were in that game? I just wanna shake the screen and say "GOURMET RACE IS FROM KIRBY SUPER STAR DOGGONE IT"
    • That and Butter Building is from the game that comes after Dream Land. Of course, the game inverts this by saying King Dedede's battle music was new music, even though it actually was from Kirby's Dream Land.
  • Why does the game keep acting like yarn Waddle Dees are Always Chaotic Evil? Every other character entry just calls them impostors and says they're all Yin-Yarn's artificial minions, but in the gameplay, they're cute, innocent, and (usually) harmless, just like Dreamland's Waddle Dees. Why couldn't they just have been Patch Land natives like Prince Fluff?
    • So players didn't feel as guilty for brutally murdering them without provocation. Then again, this is a Kirby game and he does that all the time, so the justification wasn't really needed.
  • How come Dream Land residents turn into yarn in Patch Land, but not the other way around?
    • Yin-Yarn did it?
    • Kirby was transformed by Yin-Yarn's sock, Dedede and Meta Knight became yarn when under Yin Yarn's power.
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    • Maybe Prince Fluff is gifted with certain magic as well as other things in Patch Land.
    • Fluff's magic sock probably has the side effect of turning Patch Land visitors into yarn, as Yin-Yarn's sock did the exact same thing, turning the victims into yarn and sending them to Patch Land.
  • How does Kirby know what pants feel like?
    • Maybe he knows someone that wears them. Legs do exist in Dreamland, as Ado/Adeleine prove, even if they are rather rare. Mr. Frosty wears overalls, which could very well be close enough to pants, and he has a tackling move, Kirby very well may have been hit by it once.
  • When playing a solo game and you ring the bell, Prince Fluff jumps down from nowhere to do the victory dance too. Where the heck was he during the whole stage?
    • Maybe he was just waiting there. Perhaps he's just being lazy when you're not playing 2P.
    • I like to think that Prince Fluff isn't very experienced with adventuring and fighting enemies, and requires Kirby to serve as a sort of guide if he wants to do it. So player 1 getting someone else to play as player 2 represents Kirby asking Prince Fluff to help him in one of the levels and helping to guide him along through it.
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  • Really now, why was Yin-Yarn wearing a tomato on his head in the first place? Does the Metamato's power only work when it's on his head? If so, couldn't he have done a better job of securing it?

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