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Headscratchers / Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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  • Dedede rules over the Waddle Dees, that much is certain of his "rule". So why are the Waddle Dees getting in Kirby's way, much less the fact that they attack Kirby with cannons and other objects?
    • With that logic, how come there are good Koopas out there despite Bowser being the king of them? Who's to say all Waddle Dees fall under King Dedede's rule?
      • Of course, in the last game where King Dedede was also playable, Waddle Dees will attack him like everyone else. Same with the playable Waddle Dee. But Kirby does do some mean things to them in this game, like put out a campfire or inhale some house in the vein of The Three Little Pigs.
      • This troper assumed that the Waddle Dees living in Sectonia's kingdom were outside of the rule of King Dedede.
  • In the intro, Kirby climbs around on some vines to get to King Dedede's castle. Despite the fact that he can fly. Then again, walking/climbing for Kirby is much faster than flying, so it makes sense he'd scramble up the vines if he was in a hurry.