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Headscratchers / A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

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  • Ok I have a few so I'm going to list them all in one entry: 1. Why does Coach Schneider, upon finding Jesse at a bar illegally, drive him all the way to the (currently closed and deserted) school at force him to run laps as some kind of punishment? It's implied he might be planning to rape Jesse but in that case why go to the school? Couldn't he just do that in a back alley somewhere? 2. Why does the family's parakeet just explode? Remember, this is in the real world so Freddy shouldn't be able to do such things. 3. Why, near there end, are there some guard dogs which have semi-humanoid faces? Is it just meant to represent the dream world seeping into the real world or what?
    • 1. Given that he goes for the gym equipment, it could be for that. Also, as you say, the school is deserted, making it less likely for someone to stumble on them and stop whatever Schneider had planned for Jesse. A back alley still has that risk and has very little cleanup opportunity, unlike a school gymnasium which has cleaning supplies and lockable doors.
      2. Freddy's gaining more power at this point, as shown in the scene just after that when he uses Jesse to kill Schneider. He can't come out physically but I guess it could be meant to symbolize the beginning of the dreams bleeding into reality. It always read to me like a classic poltergeist scene - a ghost using the body/hormones/mental waves/whatever of a teenager to do stuff in the real world.
      3. Yeah, pretty sure. That scene's messed up even considering that, though.
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  • Something I've seen numerous negative reviews point out: it makes no sense that Freddy would want to go into the real world permanently, as, judging from the first movie, he's completely vulnerable there and loses all his Reality Warper powers (and Heather kills him (Maybe, it's deliberately vague) with just some mundane traps). Now, a bunch of weird stuff does start happening once he's in the real world (such as the aforementioned dog monsters), so does he start out Brought Down to Normal and then slowly get more powerful the longer he is in the real world?

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