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Headscratchers / A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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  • Rod's death by hanging and his neck being broken. You can clearly see the bedsheet went OUT the barred window and WAY above Rod's cell window. How come they didn't suspect any kind of foul play or investigate it whatsoever? There was no way he could have hung himself the way he did. Plus, they had his funeral seemingly the next day and STILL pinned the earlier murders on him.

  • Why does Freddy have green blood in the dream world? Is it just an attempt to Bowdlerize? I doubt it considering they show people bleed normal red blood at other points in the film.
    • Possibly just an attempt to make him seem more inhuman and otherworldly. Remember, the fact that he's the spirit of a human serial killer was originally something of a twist, not revealed until midway through the movie.

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