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Funny / A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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  • After Nancy denies his request for sex, Glen is being kept up by Tina's and Rod's lovemaking.
    Glen: Morality sucks.
  • Also, this exchange:
    Nancy: Ok, here's what we're going to do. (Turns off lights)
    Glen: (Intrigued) It's dark in here.
    Nancy: But it's not what you're thinking.
  • Freddy taunts Nancy by shape-shifting himself into the hall monitor:
    Freddy: Hey Nancy! No running in the hallway.
  • When Freddy's mouth manifests into the speaker of Nancy's phone, his tongue licking her.
    Freddy: I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy!
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  • When Nancy arrives home to see her mother has put bars on the windows on her house, what is her response?
    Nancy: Ew.
  • What station was Glen watching? KRGR.
  • When Rod unexpectedly shows up at Tina's house and the two begin flirting/snarking with each other.
    Rod: I had a hard-on this morning when I woke up, Tina... Had your name written all over it.
    Tina: There's four letters in my name, Rod. How can there be enough room on your joint for four letters?
    Rod: Hey, up yours with a twirling lawnmower!
  • It's an example of utterly pitch-Black Comedy, but this conversation as the police are examining the scene of Glen's murder:
    Cop: What the HELL did that, Lieutenant?
    Donald: I don't know. What's the coroner got to say?
    Cop: He's been in the john pukin' since he saw it.
    • Another example from the same scene:
    Ambulance crew member: We don't need a stretcher in there. We need a mop!

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