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Nightmare Fuel / A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

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"You are all my children now."

  • The entire premise of the movie. What's worse than fighting an undead reality-warping dream demon that's killing your friends? Having that undead reality-warping dream demon possess you to make you kill your friends.
  • Earlier in the movie we're presented with an example of Paranoia Fuel. When Jesse begins dreaming of Freddy he sees him inside the basement from the outside of his house. Imagine the idea of going outside your house at night for a minute, when everyone's asleep. Then you look into the basement window and find a strange man who somehow managed to get inside and is taking a disembodied arm out of the burning boiler. You have no idea how he got inside, your family is still in the house, and you've got no idea if you're fast enough to get inside before either running into him or before he gets to your sleeping family.
  • Freddy himself looks his best (worst?) in this, with creepy red eyes, and skin with a... moist quality to it.
    • What makes this even worse is that this was the first movie where Freddy has ever been seen in a fully lit room. Seeing his burned face in a dimly lit, shadowy area is scary, but being able to fully make out that face in a brightly lit living room is by no means comforting at all.
  • A classic quote from Freddy himself towards a terrified Jesse:
    "You've got the body... I've got the brain." [removes his fedora and proceeds in peeling his scalp off his head, revealing his throbbing brain, while Jesse screams in bloodcurdling terror]
  • The implications that Coach Schneider is a Depraved Homosexual and a sexual predator who lusts after his young male students, and may have very well been planning to rape Jesse.
  • When Jesse walks in on his sister singing the "One, two, Freddy's coming for you" song.
  • Freddy attempting to murder Jesse's little sister, which is one of the few times in the series where it's made perfectly clear that Freddy is a man who butchers children because he thinks it's fun.
    Jesse: He tried to make me kill my sister.
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  • Freddy cutting and tearing his way out of Jesse's body.
  • One of the worst things about Grady's death is when Freddy has finished emerging out of Jesse's body. Grady stops banging on the door just long enough to get a good look at the thing that used to be his friend. And then Freddy's scowl turns into a smile, and you know Grady's going to die.
  • The massacre during the pool party at the climax. Particularly chilling is one of Freddy's best lines.
    "You are all my children now..."
  • Having (seemingly) rid Springwood of Freddy once more, Jesse, Lisa, and their friend Kerry are taking the bus to school as they did in the opening. Kerry assures her friends that the horrific events of recent are in the past... and then literally immediately afterwards, Freddy's arm bursts through her chest. Jesse and Lisa scream their lungs out as the bus drives off into the desert, as it did in Jesse's nightmare at the beginning. Did we forget to mention that this is the very end of the movie?