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Haiku / Shadow of the Colossus

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Sixteen mighty beasts
Perish by your fated blade
Slain, and O, we weep.

16 Collosi?
A bit much, IMO.
Good tale, sad ending.
->-- ScanVisor

Gorgeous graphics,
Mostly sound, but good music.
Controls > Ico.
->-- ScanVisor

Screw all the haters:
I am on Wander's side and
I really love Dormin.
- Sparky Lurkdragon

A grand enigma.
A riddle with no answer.
Also, big boss fights.
- Spectral Time


Giant Colossus
Know divine judgement by sword
And fall mightily!
- Creationator

Oh, Phalanx, why must
You die so sadly? You kick
Me right in the feels.
- Manly Man

Aw hell, what to do?
Best get him to take a knee
Climb on, stab weak point?

Oh god, what is that?
Also, why is it so big?
Repeat for each boss
- insanekirby


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