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Haiku / Shadow of the Colossus

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Sixteen mighty beasts
Perish by your fated blade
Slain, and O, we weep.

16 Collosi?
A bit much, IMO.
Good tale, sad ending.
->-- ScanVisor

Gorgeous graphics,
Mostly sound, but good music.
Controls > Ico.
->-- ScanVisor

Screw all the haters:
I am on Wander's side and
I really love Dormin.
- Sparky Lurkdragon

A grand enigma.
A riddle with no answer.
Also, big boss fights.
- Spectral Time


Giant Colossus
Know divine judgement by sword
And fall mightily!
- Creationator

Oh, Phalanx, why must
You die so sadly? You kick
Me right in the feels.
- Manly Man

Aw hell, what to do?
Best get him to take a knee
Climb on, stab weak point?

Oh god, what is that?
Also, why is it so big?
Repeat for each boss
- insanekirby

A decade gone by
One last legend must they find
One final farewell...

Following breadcrumbs
Making sense of greater worlds
But finding nothing...

As if by magic,
One final quest came to be
A gift for the bold...

Forty-Seven coins
Hidden in forbidden lands
The keys to answers...

Off they set again
Finally beating their goal
Opened the stone door...

After all these years
Searching for secrets untold
Finally, Eureka!...

A labor of love
Rewarded in kind through time
With Dormin's black blade
- Bomberman121890


Raise thy fated sword
Let the converging rays light
The path to glory
- Wayward Typhoon 7

The Air Sailor flies
High, they never harm you, ever
You kill them anyway
- The Random Fandom