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Nightmare Fuel / Shadow of the Colossus

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Is she really worth all this?

  • Pelagia is perhaps the most disturbing colossus in design. Some sort of weird gorilla-hippopotamus cross, it appears to have giant, fully-formed teeth growing out of the top of its head (which you hit to make it change direction) and no visible eyes—just glowing tusks where they should be. It gives the impression that Pelagia's head is missing from the bottom jaw up. It's also one of the more intelligent colossi, attempting to bait you into leaving your hiding place through a series of tricks.
  • Phaedra can also be quite a sight for first-time players. The tallest of the quadrupedal colossi, its ribs are clearly exposed to the air, its legs and movement resemble those of a crab, and its eyes are notably large. When you stab it, unlike most other colossi, it screams rather loudly.
  • Hydrus. It is the only underwater boss you face and your only indicator of its location is the glowing electrical rods. The original is way worse because the lake is so dark that you can barely see clearly.
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  • Basaran. Like Dirge, it's aggressive the moment the battle starts. Unlike Dirge, though, it specializes in bombarding you with four-fireball volleys every few seconds as long as you're in front of it and in range, and those suckers hit hard and even a miss will send Wander sprawling with light damage if the impact was close enough. And when you get out of range? You'll turn around to see this titanic turtle charging out of the mists at a speed none of the other quadrupedal Colossi reach to resume its attacks. If you happen to be right under or very close to its front then it rears up to slam both feet down like Quadratus but at a much faster speed, likely catching you in the damaging area of effect. And don't think it calms down when you finally get atop it, because it almost goes berserk in its attempts to shake you off.
  • Dirge:
    • When it gets close enough, it'll open its huge, creepy blank eyes and if you don't shoot them in time, it'll leap into the air and unhinge its jaw while diving at you, often knocking you down and biting a good chunk out of your life meter in the process. Combine that with the panicky music and you've got one seriously terrifying boss. And it never stops chasing you...
    • Most colossi are peaceful when you first encounter them, usually making no effort to attack you until you strike first or get too close. The second you set foot in Dirge's cavern, this sand snake wants you dead.
    • His Game Over screen (pictured above) is easily the most terrifying in the game. He gives a Psychotic Smirk while staring directly into your soul.
  • Whenever you die during a Colossus fight, you get a game over screen with an artistic rendition of the Colossus' face staring directly at you.note  The remake replaces the artistic renditions with an actual 3D shot of the Colossus peering out from the darkness.
    • The music that plays during the game over screen, aptly titled "Wander's Death", is simply chilling, and can be jarring to hear for the first time.
  • The shadowy phantoms that loom over Wander every time he wakes up at the Shrine of Worship, heavily implied to be the spirits of the slain Colossi.
  • All of the above applies to and doubles in effect on the PS4 version with the HD graphics. But what really takes the cake is cursed Wander after defeating the Final Boss but before he's possessed by Dormin. Even while still humanoid, his eyes have become those of a Colossus!