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Haiku / Halo

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A pretty cool guy
eh kills aleins, doesn't
'fraid of anything

Wort wort wort wort wort.
Wort wort, wort wort wort wort, wort?
Wort, wort wort wort wort.

A ring in the sky
Filled with bad guys called the Flood
We don't want them there.

Guns and aliens
An epic war has begun
Not much else to say
Metal man, elec-
-tric lady. The greatest love
story never told?

First Person Shooter
Ancient artifacts in space
Extinction at stake


Grunt with a grenade
Damn kamikaze fucker
Blew him straight to hell

I've read your file, Six
That lone wolf stuff stays behind
Noble is a team

Watcher overhead
Puts up shield for the Knights
That goddammed bastard

John One One Seven
The savior of us all
Heroes never die



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