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  • After being a bro for about one or two years, I can safely say that PewDiePie is not just a gamer, but a hero. Without him, the Let's Play industry on Youtube would be kind of meh. There's something about the way he composes his strange gags that makes me smile. I think that's why he has such a large fandom—and at the same time, a large hatedom.note  Marzia has a great boyfriend.
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  • It's really sweet how Felix never fails to show appreciation and love for the Bro Army. He answers questions on Twitter, used to get tons of mail where people would make stuff for him, makes Fridays With PewDiePie to interact with us more, etc. Even at times when parts of the fandom get "vocal" about people hating on him for trivial things, he never paints the entire fanbase as being bad, and is really understanding as to why they would defend him (even if some tend to go too far). Not a lot of people would do that. He's such a nice guy.
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