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  • From the title track to 1977's Going for the One, care of mystically minded Cloudcuckoolander singer/lyricist Jon Anderson:
    Now the verses I've sang
    Don't add much weight
    To the story in my head
    So I'm thinking I should go and write a punchline
    But they're so hard to find
    In my cosmic mind
  • The "Tempus Fugit (Tracking Session)" from the remaster of Drama. It sounds pretty similar to the album take - albeit rougher - save for the vocals. The lyrics are incomplete, with Trevor's vocals often devolving from english to improvised scatting mid-sentence. One of the best parts is what would ultimately become the Big "YES!" on the completed version, whereas here, an out of breath Trevor Horn gives a weak "Oohh..."
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  • The entirety of the 9012Live: Access All Areas documentary, capturing the band's backstage antics in 1984. Like its parent film, it was directed by a fresh-out-of-film-school Steven Soderbergh.
  • Rick Wakeman's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech.


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