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Nightmare Fuel / Yes

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This Progressive Rock band is generally thought of as being pretty light in tone, but they have their moments.

  • When "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" was performed live, Squire would often turn the distortion of his bass Up to Eleven and unleash a storm of dissonance. For The '70s, this would have qualified as a hard 11 on the Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness, and probably still qualifies in the 6-7 range. An excellent example can be found on the band's seminal live album Yessongs.
  • The second half of Tales from Topographic Oceans can get pretty experimental and dissonant. Most of "The Ancient (Giants Under the Sun)" (the last five minutes are instead pretty close to being Sweet Dreams Fuel, although they're still kind of unsettling in context) and the instrumental midsection of "Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil)" (which again ends as Sweet Dreams Fuel, and is less unsettling this time) can both be very unsettling.
    • The live version of "Ritual" as heard on Yesshows is worse: There's heavier instrumentation that includes a rather creepy keyboard arpeggio (which sounds like music from a scary Vanity Plate) and additional vocals from Jon Anderson as he growls into the mic, which can catch one by surprise.
  • “We Have Heaven”. The hypnotic cheery chant which goes up and down in tone, all building up to the Last Note Nightmare sound of a door slamming out of nowhere and footsteps walking away...
  • If the violent lyrical imagery in the beginning of "The Gates of Delirium" doesn't haunt you, or its dissonant midsection, the painting of the snakes crawling on the rocks on the back cover of its parent album Relayer just may.
  • Also from Relayer, "Sound Chaser" is a very unsettling, dissonant jazz fusion piece bearing strong influence from the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The whole song is fairly creepy but it's toward the end where the band nearly doubles the tempo and Anderson contributes some almost demonic-sounding "Cha-cha-cha, cha-cha" vocals that the piece truly qualifies.
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  • "Machine Messiah" rocks just as hard as many of their metal contemporaries did, and contains nightmarish imagery and instrumental passages to match.
  • The music video for "Owner of a Lonely Heart" has some...disturbing scenes.


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