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Tear Jerker / Yes

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This progressive rock band has some very emotional songs.

  • "Turn of the Century". It's about a sculptor whose lover dies, and he works himself to starvation to complete a statue to her memory.
  • After much chaos from its first three quarters, "The Gates of Delirium" ends with the eerily beautiful "Soon", a ray of light from the bloody imagery from the previous sections.
    • Hell, the entire song is this. It starts out so upbeat and promising, then has you headbanging during its epically heavy battle section, only for "Soon" to kick in and make you realize the brutality of what you just heard and how unpleasant war is; that it was just a perfect demonstration of just how devastating war is.
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  • "South Side of the Sky", which deals with a expedition freezing to death. The middle section, with the vocal harmonies and Rick Wakeman's piano work, has been described by Yes historian Bill Martin as "the gates of heaven opening for the explorers"....which is a pretty apt description.
  • From their 1969 self titled debut, we have "Harold Land", the story of a cheerful young man who goes off to war, only to come back emotionally scarred from the ordeal.
  • The "I Get Up, I Get Down" segment of "Close to the Edge".
  • "And You and I". Simply beautiful.
  • "Sad Night at the Airfield": A heart-wrenching song about a failed relationship and the aftermath of it.
  • Chris Squire's death, a lot of people didn't expect him to pass so quickly...
    • After all the years of fans wanting Yes to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it finally happened in 2017... two years after Squire's death. In a recent interview with Steve Howe he even admitted that Squire would have been honored to have been inducted in had he been alive.
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  • Not too long after Squire's death in 2015, there came an announcement that Chris Squire's mother passed away in early 2017.


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