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  • "And You and I" is simply one of the most joyous songs ever made. Everything about it, from the first few guitar notes to the song's breathtaking climax, evokes a feeling of pure wonder at the beauty of the world. It can make one tear up every time.
  • "Endless Dream", especially if you interpret it to be either the singer recovering from the death of a loved one or leaving an abusive relationship (which seem to be the two most common thoughts)
    • It's the first time telling myself everything
      It's the last time bring me back bring me back again
      When the world brings you down
      You can search you inside
      For the love you can find (bring me back home)
      When the world brings you down
      You can search you inside
  • The fact that Jon Anderson was able to rekindle his friendship with Chris Squire right before the latter's death is very heartwarming.
    • Anderson's induction speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction was also a CMOH, especially when he acknowledged Peter Banks and imagined Squire in heaven.
  • Their tribute to Chris on their 2015 tour is certainly poignant: they bring out and spotlight one of his own Rickenbackers on its stand while "Onward" (a solo composition) from Tormato plays on recording and spacey imagery swirls onscreen. Then cue the Firebird (or the equally awesome "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra", as a prelude to "Machine Messiah").
  • Trevor Horn vindicates his own history from the UK leg of the Drama tour by reuniting on stage to perform "Tempus Fugit" in the Royal Albert Hall with Steve, Alan, and Geoff, with Billy Sherwood no less than nailing Chris' old parts as well. This show, like the others on tour, featured Drama run in order from "Machine Messiah" to "Tempus Fugit". The ovation given to Trevor and the whole band is proof that Drama has finally received the respect it deserved.note 
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  • Their early song "Survival" can be seen as this. The refrain ("All that dies/dies for reason/to put its strength into the season") can be quite comforting to hear.
  • Speaking of their pre-prog material, the title track of Time and a Word. For a love song, it's utterly beautiful, and the backing orchestra is used to wonderous effect.


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