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Let's face it, practically everything in this cartoon is full of comedy, and it would take long to list those moments.

  • The ending of "Smoked Hams", where after going through all of Woody's shenanigans in the daytime, Wally Walrus gets his retribution during the night by subjecting Woody to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, courtesy of his Tit-For-Tat Machine.
  • The ending of "The Screwdriver":
    "Follow that motorcycle! Follow that horse! Follow that buggy! Follow that China-boy!"
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  • This exchange from "Woody The Giant Killer":
    Giant: Fee, fi, foe fum I smell...
    Woody: You said it brother, and how!
  • In "Niagara Fools", Woody is determined to sail down the Niagara on a barrel while a officer attempts to stop him at all costs. However, every time the guard kicks Woody out he manages to get himself stuck inside the barrel while tourists cheer for him on the way below. Towards the end Woody brings a literal truckload of barrels so of course an entire squad of guards winds up into the Inevitable Waterfall. Upon climbing back they ambush Woody but manage to trap the original officer in a box by mistake and send him off to the ends of the Earth. The officer travels over several means of transport while Woody takes his time preparing to sail again. Just before he succeeds the officer arrives, turns the waterfall off and tries to beat the crap out of Woody... who finally gets the last laugh by teleporting and turning the falls on again. The officer is dragged by the ensuing tsunami and Woody greets him below in a policeman disguise, giving him a fine for illegal waterfall sailing.

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