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Funny / Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

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  • "Legend of Skull Duggery"
    • Cowlamity Kate informs Cody, Carly, and Jake that she has an assignment for them. Cody happily cheers "Great!" We then cut to the attic, where the kids have to do some cleaning. Cody then says "Great" in a sarcastic tone.
    • When the kids start to get scared inside the silver mine on Skull Mountain, Cody brings up how they shouldn't give up on their goal to find Tom Duggery's silver. Carly is quick to point out that Cody is being hypocritical because he didn't say anything about when they ditched their chore of cleaning up the attic.
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  • In "Skull Duggery Rides Again", Saddle Sore informs Boot Hill Buzzard after they've been rapidly aged by Skull Duggery and his men that their rapid aging is proof that they are qualified for early retirement.
  • After Moo Montana makes a quote about the Code Of the West involving haircuts in "The Big Cow Wow", the Dakota Dude flat out asks how much of this Code is made up.


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