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Headscratchers / Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

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  • How long have the creatures/people of the Mesa been mutated? Some mentions of school suggest it wasn't in the main characters' generation but Kate's father's reason for being absent might mean it was in the previous one.
  • Let me see if I understand this correctly: A large Mesa was raised by the comet, high enough that this civilization is isolated. But, given how large the Mesa must have been to allow for a self-sustaining civilization, how were there no humans anywhere on it? Particularly since there were (obviously) cows, who are domesticated animals, and thus would usually be in the same area as humans.
    • Wwwwellllllll… Ever heard of Planet of the Apes? I feel something similar might have happened there.
    • Considering HOW such an impact event would affect the rest of the planet, the humanity probably have much, MUCH more important things to do than worry about a relatively small society of non-hostile and generally isolated bovine mutants somewhere...
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    • And lets not forget just how BIG the mesa is. Enough for multiple settlements, a desert, a functioning railway system, mountains...for a landmass that large to be created, the impact may have been so great that there AREN'T any humans left...
      • And even if there were humans, airplanes capable of getting that high wouldn't exist for like 40-50 more years.
      • To be exact, it wasn't even explicitly stated that all this happens on Earth. "Irradiated comet creating Mesa" could be just a made-up explanation for the work of terraforming spaceship, which created Earth-like biosphere on the existing mesa on some alien planet (which surface is, for some reason, unsuitable for supporting Earth life). "Albedo Antropomorphics"-type scenario, albeit on much smaller scale.
  • How do the citizens of Moo Mesa not know that Masked Bull and Sheriff Terribull are the same person? Both guys use the same two bumbling henchmen. What's odd is that Boothill Buzzard and Saddlesore are walking around freely in Moo Mesa even though they are helping a wanted criminal. It's not at all suspicious that the sheriff and mayor are not arresting those guys?
    • Those guys are occasionally arrested. Mayor Bulloney simply uses his authority as mayor and judge to decide how long they'll stay imprisoned. Sheriff Terribull isn't the one doing the arresting but the citizens probably dismiss it as the marshall being more competent.
  • Even though Masked Bull and Sheriff Terribull are the same guy, their body structure are different. The sheriff looks fat and has a hunchback while the Masked Bull looks slim and ripped. How does he do that?
    • It wouldn't surprise me if Terribull deliberately held himself in a hunched manner in order to throw people off with that exact comparison.
  • If the mayor hates Marshal Moo and his cowboys so much, then why not kick them out of his town? The mayor is a powerful guy, and it is HIS town. If they are problematic to him and the sheriff, just exile them. With them gone, they are free to commit as many crimes as they want.
    • Federal law states that every town has to have a police force.
      • But technically it have the Sheriff, so the police force already existed. More likely mayor just did not want to play too obvious: if he kick heroes out of town and after that the criminal situation worsened, some may start to notice something.

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