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YMMV / Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

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  • Adaptation Displacement: The Arcade Game has effectively displaced the Cartoon series in noteriety. Nowadays, you'll know a lot more people who have played the game, and mentioning the cartoon series to them will result in "This was based on a cartoon?"
  • Complete Monster: Skull Duggery, despite only appearing in the episodes "The Legend of Skull Duggery" and "Skull Duggery Rides Again", is one of the vilest villains to appear in the show. Skull Duggery was originally a old miner, by the name of Tom Duggery, who staked a silver claim and was too greedy to share it with anyone. He died in a cave in, but his ghost continued to haunt the mine. Marshall Moo's Kid Sidekick, Cody Calf, and 2 other kids go to the mine to look for the silver. Skull Duggery catches them, traps them in a mine shaft and fills it with water, attempting to drown the children. Marshall Moo saves the kids and causes another cave in, sealing Skull Duggery in his mine. However Skull Duggery escapes a year later. Obsessed with revenge against Marshall Moo, Skull Duggery recruits 2 other ghosts to help him. Skull Duggery plans to use a magic spell that rapidly ages everything, people and buildings alike, to destroy Cowtown.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Stolen on the Water" has the Cowlarado Kid pretend to be a rich man named Johnny Slim, feigning a voice that sounds very similar to the title character of Johnny Bravo. Both Cowlarado and Johnny Bravo were voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • LGBT Fanbase: They're pretty manly bulls, so it's to be expected that there are a good number of queer fans.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The two episodes involving Skull Duggery. Being a living skeleton and one of the more dangerous adversaries doesn't help.
    • The Gila Hooligans' preferred method of killing people: leaving them to die in the desert.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: There was an arcade game released in 1992 by Konami with run-and-gun gameplay similar to Sunset Riders. Four players can play at once, and has plenty of stimulating action and good music.
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  • So Bad, It's Good: The concept of the show is so ridiculous, people can't help but enjoy it.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: During his review of the show, The Nostalgia Critic considers having the BigBads of the show be a Corrupt Cop and a Corrupt Politician to be a case of this; that sometimes, even the people you're supposed to trust to lead you and keep you safe from bad guys can be bad guys themselves.
  • So Okay, It's Average: People who remembers this show think of it as a knock-off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but still hold enough water to be a unique show on its own.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Even though he was one of the most notorious villains in the show, Skull Duggery is nowhere to be seen in the arcade game. To make matters worse, there is a Big Boo's Haunt level in the game, in which he could definitely have been a perfect fit for a boss. Instead, the boss is Boothill Buzzard.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The cast is said to have been regular animals before the comet mutated them, yet humans are never seen or mentioned.
  • Toy Ship: The child characters in the show are often paired like Cody and the buffalo calf Tejua. Also between Cody's two friends, there's him and Carly, or Carly and Jacob.


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