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Funny / When We First Met

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  • "...and then I got...hugged."
  • Avery and Carrie being convinced that Noah is a stalker. At this revelation, Carrie finds a plant and bashes him with it.
    • 3 years later, after seeing Noah again, Carrie again strikes Noah with a plant.
  • In the 'present day', Noah wakes up to discover he went 'full asshole,' complete with his hair having blonde tips.
  • "Goddamn time travel!"
  • In one timeline, Noah finds out he's gotten quite fat.
  • When Avery hugs Noah, footage of war and explosions plays out.
  • Noah enlists Max to help him:
    Max: "If all else fails, be an asshole."
    Noah: "Be an asshole?"
    Max: "Not hard asshole, soft asshole."
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  • Noah's reaction after realising he travelled back to 2014.
  • This conversation:
    Noah: "I'm stuck here, and the girl I love is dating someone else. Is that what you're saying?"
    Chad: "Yeah. Story of my life."
    Noah: "No, it's not the story of your life, because you're not a time-traveller Chad!"
  • Noah's drunk antics.
  • Holy Shiiiiiit!!
  • "I owned your ass, space-time continuum!"
  • Ethan, Avery and Carrie go for a run, and Noah joins in. However, his leather pants aren't breathable, and he trips, exhausted.