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Heartwarming / When We First Met

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  • Noah doing everything he did in the first timeline, persuading Avery to go to the grocery store where she will eventually meet Ethan, and being extremely happy that he's considered Avery's friend.
  • During the credits, the photos of Noah and Carrie's relationship is played out, showing how perfect they are.
  • Noah's passionate speech to Carrie.
    Noah: "Relationships are about intangible things. They're about moments. Real moments, and who you share them with. And the realest moments I've had over the past three years have been with you."
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  • In one situation, when he's at the Halloween Party yet again, Noah uses the opportunity to praise a guy's Halloween costume. Even more heart-warming, is that previously that same guy had berated Noah for not recognising his costume, and Noah expresses his aversion to talk to that guy. Noah uses the situation he's in to make the party a positive experience for him.
  • Noah accepting that Avery will never love him, and doesn't try to go back in the past again to make her want him.
  • Carrie being sympathetic towards Noah, despite having a hostile relationship.
  • In one timeline, the first thing that Noah asks about is if him and Max are friends. He then queries him on Avery and Ethan, rather than asking straight up about him and Carrie. For a guy once determined to make a women love him, he's come a long way in ensuring his friends' happiness over his own.
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  • Avery and Ethan’s friendship with Noah is demonstrated throughout, most prominently with the revelation that they bought Noah the photo booth with this inscription inside:
    For Noah. Master photoboother. Better friend. Love Avery and Ethan.