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YMMV / When We First Met

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  • Awesome Music: Noah's rendition of "Shout."
  • Dawson Casting: The characters are meant to be in their mid twenties, but all the actors are older. Adam Devine was actually 32 years old when this was filmed, being 5 years older than Robbie Amell (Ethan) and Andrew Bachelor (Max).
  • He Really Can Act: Many critics and the public expressed their surprise at how superb Adam Devine was as a leading man, and how endearing and charming his portrayal was, considering this was way out of his usual character type. Some even compared him to Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.
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  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: In the timeline where Noah ends up rich and successful in business Max is bitter towards him for 'stealing' his promotion and career prospects and accuses Noah of only getting where he is by brown nosing their boss and the audience is meant to side with Max. While Max's anger is understandable - he did help pad out Noah's flimsy CV to get him the job in the first place and Max does work hard, every indication is that Noah legitimately became successful via professional and personal skills and sheer hard work, rather than simply kissing the bosses butt. The Noah of this alternate 2017 learned fluent Mandarin (which 'our' Noah can't speak at all), spends nearly his entire time at work, is well liked around the office and in contrast to the timeline where he went 'full asshole' this Noah appears to be a nice guy in his private life (in this timeline Carrie is apparently his best friend and even Ethan has nothing bad to say about him.)